Discover our collections of men's clothing with urban, streetwear and sportswear inspirations. From timeless basics and wardrobe essentials to the latest fashion trends, as well as more daring outfits to make a style statement, there's something for everyone at Project x Paris.

Clothes men's streetwear to discover online and in streetwear shop From cargo pants from jogging suits and jeans to sweatshirts, shirts, t shirts and down jackets You'll find pieces to match as you wish. For ensemble lovers, opt for our men's tracksuits trendy and comfortable!

Trendy, easy-to-wear menswear

Men are also interested in fashion and want to assert their personality through their clothing style. The trend men's fashion is now in the style streetwear for an elegant, casual look, but our designers understood this when they created our brand.

Project x Paris, streetwear shop for men and women, offers you a wide choice of men's clothing available in many styles, colors and sizes. If you're not sure which size to choose men's outfit to choose from, our sizing guide answers your questions.

You'll find timeless and essential men's clothing such as men's jeans, tee shirt, sweaters and casual shirts. For style fans sportswear discover our selection of men's jogging suits and monitor comfortable and trendy. Finally, if you're looking for men's clothing streetwear styles, such as sweatshirts, hoodies, cargos and shorts you've come to the right place.

For cold periods such as winter, you'll find down jackets and parkas with or without fur, long or short, and men's jackets for spring and autumn. For summer and good weather, let yourself be seduced by our shorts and short sets !


Wear men's streetwear in style

Visit streetwear for men is a style in its own right, both casual and comfortable. Influenced by a variety of universes and brought to the fore by rappers sportsmen, skateboarders and artists, this style of clothing has developed and is associated with a wide range of styles. urban clothing must-have items on the e-shop: oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, men's hoodies quilted down jacket, teddy jackets streetwear cargos, jeans with holes, tracksuits.

Complete your men's streetwear outfit with our selection accessories : satchel, bob hat, caps, colorful sneakers... Our streetwear blog offers articles on urban fashion and advice on how to wear your clothes with style.

For a casual, relaxed look, choose plain men's clothing or essentials with embroidered brand logo. Dare to use colors and patterns to assert your personality. Here again, you have a wide choice of colors and patterns. men's streetwear available on our online streetwear shop or in store.

  • Visit men's sweatshirt is the must-have piece in any man's wardrobe for a casual, sportswear or casual-meets-sportswear look. streetwear The perfect match for all your outfits. Discover a wide choice of trendy, wearable sweatshirts for all seasons, available in many styles, colors and prints: Hoodies and sweatshirts, sweatshirts and round-neck sweatshirts or classic streetwear sweater, zipped sweatshirts...

    A trendy, stylish men's sweater for all seasons

    This is the urban clothing The ultimate casual look for your outfit. Men's sweaters come in a wide range of styles, cuts and colors.
    What types of sweaters are available from Project X Paris?
    We offer a wide range of trendy sweatshirts: men's hoodies, sweatshirts and zipped sweatshirts.


    The hoodie

    A men's dressing room staple, the men's hoodie also known as hoodie can be worn for any occasion. It's the best sweatshirt to get a look streetwear while protecting you from rain and wind. Wear it with a matching jogging suit for a sportswear and streetwear look. men's tracksuit. This streetwear garment can also be worn with jeans or cargo pants. It can be worn over a tee-shirt or shirt in all seasons, and exists in the following versions sweatshirt jacket ideal for mid-season or cold weather.


    The classic men's sweatshirt: the round-neck sweatshirt

    Another hoodless sweatshirt classic to have in your wardrobe: the men's sweatshirt the most famous and worn in the world is the round-neck sweatshirt. A basic, timeless sweater for a casual look that can be worn for all occasions and all seasons. Plain or printed, with or without pockets, classic or oversized, there's a sweater for every occasion. round-neck sweatshirt to your liking.


    The zipped sweatshirt, practical to put on and take off

    This is the men's sweatshirteasy to put on and take off: the zipped sweatshirt also available as a half-zip sweatshirt, is a zippered sweatshirt. You can open it when it's hot or close it when it's cold. A garment streetwear a must-have, comfortable to wear and adaptable to all temperatures.


    A streetwear sweater for a casual, stylish look in all circumstances

    Men's sweatshirt is the streetwear pullover par excellence. The world of rap and hip hop is marked by its own urban, casual and stylish style: the sweatshirt is the essential garment worn by the greatest American and French rappers, and even beyond. Oversized, plain or graphic with patterns, it's men's streetwear outfit indispensable.


    How to wear a man's sweater for a trendy, streetwear look?

    An outfit that's both trendy and comfortable, the men's sweatshirt can be worn in a variety of ways. For a sportwear look for example, you can combine it with a men's jogging suit properly fitted, following the line of the leg and white or colored sneakers. Be careful, however, to choose the right your sweater and accessorize your outfit well to avoid the gym look. For a chic casual outfit, you can choose a zipped hoodie to lighten up a formal outfit. If you prefer a more urban look, don't hesitate to combine your hoodie man with a pair of jeans and a leather perfecto.


    Why choose a Project X Paris sweatshirt?

    At Project X Paris, your sweatshirt brand streetwear and sportswear, we offer you a wide choice of men's sweatshirt for casual, chic or urban. You will find on our website as well as in our streetwear boutiques a whole range of sweatshirts available in sizes S to XL in a variety of colors and prints: men's black sweatshirt, man sweater white grey sweatshirt, yellow sweatshirt, multicoloured sweatshirt, orange sweatshirt... Discover also our men's tracksuits for a total look from head to toe.

    Ideal for mid-season or all year round, let yourself be seduced by our collection of brand sweaters Project X Paris men: hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, patterned sweatshirts, oversize sweater or regular in different colors. Something for everyone! Treat yourself to sweatshirts round collar or comfortable hood. You'll find models with two side pockets or a kangaroo pocket for your smartphone or to keep your hands warm.

    Create your outfit urbanwear for every occasion with our trendy sweater models streetwear and chic at the same time, pair them with jeans or jogging pants.

    For an elegant look, pair your sweatshirts with pants with a slimmer cut. Personalize your streetwear sweatshirts You can add a hoodie to your image by matching accessories to your outfit. Incorporate the hoodie into a casual style for a sportswear look or to contrast with formal pieces.


    The history of sweatshirts and hoodies, urban streetwear icons

    Born in the USA in the 1930s, the men's sweatshirt The sweatshirt was originally worn by athletes such as boxer Mohamed Ali. Today, sweatshirts have been democratized and become a must-have item. wardrobe basics ready for all seasons. In fact, it can be easily combined with a variety of pieces. After many years of hard work, the sweatshirt has gone from being a simple "sweat shirt" to a true fashion icon. It goes well with a variety of looks: streetwear, sportswear, hype or casual.

    As for the hoodie It's often associated with sports culture, and for good reason: it was mainly worn by athletes and boxers, who received a great deal of media coverage. It gradually became part of urban culture, worn by workers and students who enriched it with logos and visuals symbolizing their daily lives (neighborhood number, university logo, etc.).

  • Visit men's tracksuit is a sure bet. Composed of a jogging pants and a sweatshirt or matching jacket, it's comfortable, easy to wear and enhances the masculine silhouette. Discover ourmen's tracksuits for an effortlessly chic, casual sportswear look: models in a wide range of styles, cuts, patterns and colors, with our streetwear signature.

    Men's tracksuits, a wardrobe essential

    Brands are reclaiming sportswear. More than just a fashion trend, jogging suits, sweatshirts and tracksuits are back in the spotlight, featured on Fashion Week catwalks and on the covers of major fashion magazines. Visit men's tracksuit is the new jean, in a much more comfortable version with matching pants and top. A streetwear and sportswear outfit that offers real freedom of movement for an effortlessly elegant and stylish look: no need to try to match your clothes, they already match!

    How to wear a men's outfit with style?

    A men's tracksuit can be worn for any occasion. For working out, moving around, chilling out, hanging out with friends, going to class or the office, traveling in comfort and style.... Depending on the season, you'll find sets perfect for warming up in autumn or winter, or in lighter, breathable fabrics for spring and summer. Men's tracksuits can be worn in a variety of ways. For a total sportswear look wear a plain tracksuit in a classic shade (black, blue...) with matching sneakers or high-top sneakers for the gym. For a streetwear look for day or evening, indulge yourself: dare to use color or graphic prints... Wear it with its matching top and pants, play the mix&match or mix and match tops and bottoms: pair sweatpants with a long-sleeved sweater or round-neck T-shirt, or mix a tracksuit top with jeans. If the bottom is oversized, the top should be more fitted, and vice versa, to balance the silhouette.

    What cut of men's tracksuit should I choose?

    Before choosing the cut of your men's tracksuit, be sure to choosing the right size It must be neither too tight, nor too wide, nor too short, nor too long... A men's oversize tracksuit is comfortable and allows you to feel at ease, it's an outfit you choose because you like this style of clothing, or to balance your figure: be careful, it can make you look smaller or tighter, depending on your morphology. L'men's cargo set is both fashionable and practical with its pockets. For a men's track suit The rest will depend on the style of the model chosen and its details.

    What color tracksuit should I get?

    You'll need several styles and colors ofmen's tracksuit set in your wardrobe. If there are three essential, timeless outfits, they are the grey tracksuit the blue tracksuit and the beige tracksuit. They can be worn as a coordinated ensemble to avoid the headache of getting dressed every time, or as a mix&match with other outfits in your wardrobe: jeans, cargo pants, shorts, t shirt design, streetwear pullover... In addition to these must-have colors, you'll also need eye-catching hues: pink, orange, green, purple.... Colors that the designers at streetwear brand combine to create two-tone, multicolored or monochrome models, because there's something for every style.

  • Jogging pants are the ultimate casual pants. Originally associated with the sportswear style, they've now become a must-have. Discover our men's jogging pants: timeless or trendy, plain or printed, fleecy or flowing, classic or with side stripes... You'll find the right men's jogging pants, whatever your style, at Project x Paris!

  • Looking for casual pants for men? Visit cargo pants is the perfect piece for you. Comfortable and practical, with side pockets, it can be worn in all seasons, as well as in the summer. men's jeans. Discover our collection of men's cargo pants available in many styles and colors: black, beige, white, khaki, gray, taupe...
    Our streetwear brand offers you a selection of men's cargo pants whose cut, style and details have been carefully thought out and imagined by our team of designers.

    Men's cargo pants, a must-have streetwear wardrobe item

    Rapper, entrepreneur, employee, student, high-schooler... Who doesn't wear one? Visit men's cargo pants is as trendy as ever, and it's showing on the streets and on social networks. Originally worn by British servicemen in 1938, these pants were part of their uniform. With their practical pockets and resistant fabric, they enabled soldiers to move around easily and carry objects, rations and ammunition. Today, the men's cargo pants is available in a wide range of styles, colors and cuts: it's the streetwear pants par excellence to have in your dressing room.

    Which cut of cargo pants to choose?

    Cargo pants fit all body shapes especially if they're straight-cut. Originally characterized by a loose fit, men's cargo pants come in a variety of styles, materials, models and cuts. Because fashion and trends change with the seasons, designers adapt to demand. If you like to be comfortable, go for a cargo pant with a wide leg. workwear pants cut The cut is rather straight and loose, with no tightness at the ankles. Avoid cargo pants with elastic waistband at the ankles if you want your legs to look longer, and avoid pants that are too tight. cargo baggy or cargo oversize which, if you're small in stature, is likely to make your silhouette tighter. Also available in men's shorts to be worn according to the weather!

    What to wear cargo pants with?

    It's all a question of taste. You can wear it as cargo kit with a matching top, or with a t shirt a men's sweatshirt or a streetwear sweater. It's a men's casual pants versatile, wear-with-everything!
  • Discover our wide selection of slim-fit and skinny jeans, cargo pants and jogg jeans. Washed destroy jeans, jeans with biker effects or ripped at the knees, easy to wear for any occasion.

    Jeans are a mythical garment, equally at home on the street, on the catwalk or in the very select world of haute couture. Over the past few years, denim has become more and more ennobled.
    Jeans: the evolution

    Jeans are a timeless piece that has followed social evolution from the 19th century to the present day. During the Great Depression of 1929 in the USA, jeans were affordable pants that the working class, such as blue-collar workers, appreciated for their sturdiness. Then, in the 1930s, with the advent of the jukebox, jeans were taken up by young people in new colors, notably black and white. Students transformed jeans from workwear to ready-to-wear. Then, in the 1950s, jeans were elevated to the symbol of feminism, with women wearing them high-waisted, shortened and with moccasins. It wasn't until the 1960s that jeans became the unisex, universal piece we know today.

    So you see, jeans are the universal, unisex fetish piece to have in your wardrobe.

    Men's slim and skinny jeans

    As the name suggests, slim jeans are worn "slim". In other words, they accentuate the body's natural curves by hugging them. The English word "skinny" has two meanings: first, skinny and, by extension, tight. Skinny jeans are worn like a second skin.

    Men's jogging jeans

    Jogg jeans are a good alternative to denim. Similar to its predecessor, jogg jean differs in its choice of materials, which are softer than denim, and its slightly looser cut.

    Men's cargo jeans

    These pants are of military origin. Often beige, sometimes khaki, they have several pockets.

  • An essential part of every man's wardrobe, the Men's T-shirt is waiting for you in our E-shop. A simple cut, a multitude of colors and designs are just some of the advantages of the Tee shirt. What's more, it goes with an impressive number of street, sport or dressy outfits, while accentuating strong pieces.

    Discover our selection of Tee Shirts Project X Paris : Short-sleeved T-shirts and long, polo shirts and tank tops. This season, graphic tee shirts inspired by the codes of fashion week are in vogue. Enjoy our T-shirts in baroque, fluo, color block, plain, check, side stripes and fine stripes. While staying in tune with current trends, we also offer timeless basics.

    The T-shirt is a versatile garment. But wearing a T-shirt well isn't always easy. Here are a few tips on how to look good in a T-shirt.

    Tip from our stylists:

    Tip 1: White T-shirts and sneakers

    It's the classic street style: white sneakers and White T-shirt. It's a combination that has the advantage of being simple, effective and a benchmark in urban dress codes. You can choose a pair of simple or catchy sneakers.

    Tip no. 2: The tucked-in T-shirt

    With a pants Dressed up (grey pinstripe or tartan-print pants), the technique works very well. It adds a vintage yet casual touch. You can choose a Round-neck T-shirt white or colored. Not to be abused, however.

    Tip 3: Patterned T-shirts for a change

    Patterned T-shirts are a great way to break away from the basics and routine of our wardrobe. In our store, you'll find T-shirts in a variety of designs: with typos, graphics, patches, which allow you to reappropriate the same look with a different touch.

  • Visit men's shorts is a must-have in every wardrobe, especially as summer approaches. Although shorts were not originally associated with streetwear, they have since been adopted and can be found in many outfits. Discover the selection ProjectX denim or cotton shorts for men. Adopt the real urban fashion trend with the finest pieces to enhance your streetwear outfit.

    If you're looking for ideas for outfits with shorts, check out our blog, where we reference all the streetwear news.

    The history of shorts

    Although shorts were originally a garment reserved for the bourgeoisie, initially known as knickerbockers, their main characteristic was that they were shorter than pants. Much later, towards the end of the 19th century, they became an essential item of clothing for outdoor sports. Today, shorts are universally worn and are an effective way to combat high temperatures. The shorts trend has become popular in streetwear. Visit streetwear shorts has in fact become a piece that adapts perfectly to urban outfits, for which the use of a cargo shorts a piece with lots of character. To sublimate your outfit, we advise you to wear streetwear accessories such as caps, bracelets and bags.

    At Project X Paris, shorts are multi-colored in lightweight fabrics and a variety of prints for comfort and style. Belted shorts, banded shorts, cargo shorts, checkered shorts, fine stripes... you'll find the model to suit your style.

    How to choose your men's Bermuda shorts?

    To make sure you don't get confused between shorts or men's bermuda shorts If you're going to wear shorts, you need to be very careful about the length of your garment. Shorts are theoretically much shorter than Bermuda shorts, but both remain above the knee, otherwise they'd be called pantacourt. It's also a good idea to choose shorts or Bermuda shorts that fit your body well, to avoid an unattractive silhouette, so don't hesitate to come and try them on in store.

  • A must-have for men's dressing rooms, discover the new Project X Paris shirt collection. Find elegant and trendy shirts for men: buffalo shirts in check, stripes, denim, plain, slim or regular.
    Don't hesitate to vary your shirt styles to break up the solemn, formal look it could bring to your look. The collar of the shirt is very important, especially if you're planning a street wear look.

    The rule is that the neckline must allow only one finger to pass between your neck and the collar once it's buttoned.

    A stylish shirt

    It's true that the shirt is traditionally affiliated with the preppy look and the suit. However, there's nothing to stop you taking it to a completely different level. In fact, the shirt lends itself perfectly to a much more urban look.

    Unbuttoned or open shirt?

    In this case, opt for an unbuttoned shirt for a more casual look. You can also wear it open over a T-shirt. For the bottom, to keep the urban wear spirit, combine the shirt with a jean or a jogg jean.

    We dare "Denim on denim"!

    Our shirts would go perfectly with a jean. To make the most of your look, make sure you have a demin in the same color as your shirt, for a more effective look. If you're a hipster, you can swap the cap for a hat. Don't forget accessories such as caps details make all the difference.

  • A bestseller in our collection, you can't miss our Project X Paris men's coats and parkas. Find a wide selection of coats and parkas from XS to XXL on our site. Make the most of it! Secure payment. Fast delivery.

    Ideal for the winter period, let yourself be seduced by our collection of basic and street-style coats and parkas that will accompany you all year round. Décover our parkas, down jackets, coats long and short, with and without hood. Down jackets and fur-effect men's parkas, black parkas plain, camo, with biker inserts: over a hundred references available on our site. Stay warm in style this winter! Don't wait to shop them in our online store.

    Finding the right winter coat is absolutely essential if you want to spend a pleasant winter season! At Project X Paris, a wide selection of coats, parkas and down jackets awaits you. Designed to keep you warm, Project X Paris coats and parkas are ideal for making your own style statement.

    What color parka to choose?

    The parka's military origins make khaki its emblematic color. But the parka is also available in other neutral shades. Easy to combine, a dark-colored parka looks great worn over a dressy outfit. Navy blue and black are the two leading shades. 

    Lighter shades include the essential camel parka. It's possible to shine in camel or beige parkas, which are an easy color to match with many other colors. 

    For a more assertive badass style, you can count on red. A trendy color, bright red and burgundy add a sporty touch to street wear parkas. Discover them in our Project X Paris online shop. All the coats, parkas and down jackets you're looking for are here!

  • Discover our range of trendy men's sneakers at Project X Paris. We specialize in fashion streetwear and casual style. Men's sneakers are undergoing a revolution.

    That's why we created the timeless pair of sneakers. With the help of our design team, we chose to take inspiration from American sneakers. The aim was to create a pair of men's sneakers in tune with the times and the movement streetwear.

    The look of the PXP men's sneaker is directly inspired by American NBA sports shoes. Available in a range of colors, the white PXP men's sneaker is the most popular, although you'll need to take good care of it... Watch out for stains!

  • Looking for a versatile, mid-season jacket with a distinctly urban style? Discover the men's jacket collection from Project X Paris. A wide range of styles and looks can be found in the Project X Paris streetwear catalog. Urban, military, hooded, denim, biker style, plaid, quilted...there's something for everyone.

    The importance of men's jackets

    At last, the cold winter temperatures are disappearing, giving way to mid-season. Choosing the right jacket is more complicated than it seems. Temperatures alternate between hot and cold, and you don't know which foot to dance on. As a result, the choice of jacket is particularly decisive. Mid-season is also the time to get outside and enjoy the good weather with friends and family. The choice of jacket must therefore be ideally suited to variations in temperature.

    How to choose a men's jacket with Project X?

    Project X's range of men's jackets is just the thing for mid-season. The choice of jacket is based on two criteria: comfort and style. Quilted jackets are perfect when temperatures are still slightly cool. The quilted side provides extra protection. Denim or bomber jackets stand out for their versatility. They're warm enough to offer real protection, but can also be worn at the end of the day or in the evening, when it's slightly cooler. What's more, these jackets can be worn open. Hooded jackets accentuate the street look. As for overshirts, they're back in the spotlight with a vengeance. We love the combination of style and comfort.

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