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Looking for casual pants for men? Visit cargo pants is the perfect piece for you. Comfortable and practical, with side pockets, it can be worn in all seasons, as well as in the summer. men's jeans. Discover our collection of men's cargo pants available in many styles and colors: black, beige, white, khaki, gray, taupe...
Our streetwear brand offers you a selection of men's cargo pants whose cut, style and details have been carefully thought out and imagined by our team of designers.

Men's cargo pants, a must-have streetwear wardrobe item

Rapper, entrepreneur, employee, student, high-schooler... Who doesn't wear one? Visit men's cargo pants is as trendy as ever, and it's showing on the streets and on social networks. Originally worn by British servicemen in 1938, these pants were part of their uniform. With their practical pockets and resistant fabric, they enabled soldiers to move around easily and carry objects, rations and ammunition. Today, the men's cargo pants is available in a wide range of styles, colors and cuts: it's the streetwear pants par excellence to have in your dressing room.

Which cut of cargo pants to choose?

Cargo pants fit all body shapes especially if they're straight-cut. Originally characterized by a loose fit, men's cargo pants come in a variety of styles, materials, models and cuts. Because fashion and trends change with the seasons, designers adapt to demand. If you like to be comfortable, go for a cargo pant with a wide leg. workwear pants cut The cut is rather straight and loose, with no tightness at the ankles. Avoid cargo pants with elastic waistband at the ankles if you want your legs to look longer, and avoid pants that are too tight. cargo baggy or cargo oversize which, if you're small in stature, is likely to make your silhouette tighter. Also available in men's shorts to be worn according to the weather!

What to wear cargo pants with?

It's all a question of taste. You can wear it as cargo kit with a matching top, or with a t shirt a men's sweatshirt or a streetwear sweater. It's a men's casual pants versatile, wear-with-everything!
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