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Parkas - Down jackets for men

Essential to go out in winter, the men's parka is our best ally to keep warm. Project X Paris offers a wide choice of men's parka for winter. Specialized in fashion trends and the streetwear movement, be sure to be at the forefront of trends during the winter.

For men who care about the look and cut of their clothes: with fur parkas, waterproof parkas, lined parkas, with removable fur-lined hood, mid-length and short parkas... There is something for everyone! Discover our selection of camo parkas, leather parkas, denim parkas, graphic parkas, plain parkas (black, camel, grey or khaki), and biker parkas for urban styles.

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A flashback on the history of the men's parka.

The men's winter parka made history at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen managed to reach the North Pole with a men's parka made of sealskin and fur. At the end of the Second World War, this men's winter coat made its appearance again. "USAF N-3B", a waterproof wool jacket, lined and equipped with a fur hood, is created to protect American soldiers from bad weather. It is in the 60's that the parka becomes popular, especially in England, thanks to the "Mods", the young trendy Londoners, who recovered it. Later on, this coat is honored on the fashion shows and worn by celebrities. Nowadays, the men's parka is one of the essential pieces to have in your wardrobe. Its history is not insignificant, the parkas man are adapted to the winter and its temperatures. In the category of jackets to protect against the cold, it is the one that is the most padded.In addition, its main characteristic "against the cold" is the fact that the "outer" material is smooth. This is a godsend to resist the cool winds of winter. Opt for a Project X Paris men's parka and you will adopt it.

What style of winter parka to choose?

There are many models of men's parkas, which differ by their cut, thickness or length. The trick is to choose the parka that will enhance your figure. For this, we must ask ourselves what effect we want to give to our look. For example, a parka man in over size. That is to say, taken one or two sizes above, will drastically change the look that you have ... It is then to ask if we want to wear a parka "close to the body" or on the contrary in over size. It depends on the style, although the trends are on men's parkas worn in over size. A drawstring at the waist will allow you to fit the garment according to your morphology.

What color parka to choose ?

The military origins of the parka make khaki its emblematic color. But since its origins, the men's parka is available in other neutral colors. Easy to combine, a dark parka goes very well over a dressy outfit. Black and navy blue are the two leading colors. The color black acts as a super revealing agent, it highlights the colors with which it is associated. It is therefore the most popular color for coats and parkas. We also find the inevitable camel parka that remains easy to wear, because everything goes well with this neutral color. For a more streetwear look, opt for a bright red or burgundy that will bring a sporty touch to your outfit. Discoverour range of trendy jeansto match with our winter parkas.

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