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Are you looking for street wear and sportswear chic but don't know how to adopt them? Follow our guide for stylish and comfortable looks!
You can find all the men's ready-to-wear clothing at Project X Paris: jackets, jeans, jogging bottoms, T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, tracksuitsdown jackets and parkas for men. It only takes a few clicks to find your trendy men's clothing. Shop for your outfit from the different styles: casual, chic, trendy, sportswear and streetwear in our online shop.

The origin of the street and sport chic style

Street wear is a style of dress that emerged in the 1980s. Although its origins can be traced back to various elements such as B-boys, hip-hop culture and skateboarders, the common denominator of its emergence is the spirit of protest and the desire to show one's belonging to the subculture. With the advent of urban music, street wear has been a dazzling success, giving rise to various brands. Today, street style no longer scares even luxury brands.

Sportswear chic, on the other hand, is a combination of comfort and elegance. This is clothing that originated in sport, but can be worn in everyday life outside the gym.

What are the street wear essentials?

For a successful men's streetwear look, it is necessary to have these essentials:

· The sweatshirt, with or without hood

Born in the USA in the 1930s, the hoodie was initially worn by athletes such as the boxer Mohamed Ali. Today, the hoodie has been democratized and is one of the basic essentials of our wardrobes.

· Sneakers

Sneakers are the final touch for a street style that is sure to please. Easy to wear, easy to combine and comfortable, sneakers are a great alternative to classic street shoes. They can be combined with an urban wear look as well as with a dressy outfit.

· The cap

Far from being a mere accessory, the cap allows to finalize the man's street style look. Sober or mirroring our personality with trendy colours and graphics, the cap fits the shape of all faces.

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