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Visit dress is the centerpiece of every woman's wardrobe. In order to choose the best dress for you, you need to take a number of criteria into account: your body type, the event you want to wear it for and the season you're in. In its streetwear version dress is characterized by fluidity and movement, perfect for those occasions when you wear it. The dress is your most loyal ally when you're out and about, so don't forget it!

Project X Paris, your streetwear style partner, offers you a selection of dresses women, with a multitude of styles, each more ravishing than the last. These include the dress with bare shoulders, ideal for a girly look when you're out and about, or the dress that hugs the silhouette of your body.

How to wear dresses in style?

Project x Paris, has selected a range of dresses women in streetwear style. Whether you're short or tall, the dress is just right for you. For taller women, the dress will elongate your silhouette and enhance your legs. For shorter people, the dress short lengthens and refines your silhouette. The dress allows you to flaunt your streetwear style while highlighting your femininity.

For a casual outfit, you can combine your dress with a pair of low-top or high-top sneakers and a denim jacket or bomber. It's not only a casual look, it's also the ideal street style combo.

For evening wear, a girls' party or an unexpected outing. Project X Paris offers you dresses specially dedicated to this type of event: dresses tight-fitting, dress bare shoulders or dresses are perfect for this kind of occasion.

Last but not least, for a more classic use for work or strolling, we offer chic dresses that are made for everyday wear.

Why trust Project X Paris with your choice of women's dresses?

For dresses of quality and in different models, trust Project X Paris. Since 2015, our vocation has been to offer you a selection of products in tune with the times, and to highlight streetwear with dresses trends. Don't hesitate to check out our other categories of clothing to match your dress such as our bags and jackets

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