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Men's T-shirts

An essential part of every man's wardrobe, the Men's T-shirt is waiting for you in our E-shop. A simple cut and a multitude of colors and designs are just some of the advantages of the Tee shirt. What's more, it goes with an impressive number of street, sport or dressy outfits, while accentuating strong pieces.

Discover our selection of Tee Shirts Project X Paris : Short-sleeved T-shirts and long, polo shirts and tank tops. This season, graphic tee shirts inspired by fashion week are in vogue. Enjoy our T-shirts in baroque, fluo, color block, plain, check, side stripes and fine stripes. While staying in tune with current trends, we also offer timeless basics.

The T-shirt is a versatile garment. But wearing a T-shirt well isn't always easy. Here are a few tips on how to look good in a T-shirt.

Tip from our stylists:

Tip 1: White T-shirts and sneakers

It's the classic street style: white sneakers and White T-shirt. It's a combination that has the advantage of being simple, effective and a benchmark in urban dress codes. You can choose a pair of simple or catchy sneakers.

Tip no. 2: The tucked-in T-shirt

With a pants Dressed up (grey pinstripe or tartan-print pants), the technique works very well. It adds a vintage yet casual touch. You can choose a Round-neck T-shirt white or colored. Not to be abused, however.

Tip 3: Patterned T-shirts for a change

Patterned T-shirts are a great way to break away from the basics and routine of our wardrobe. In our store, you'll find T-shirts in a variety of designs: with typos, graphics, patches, which allow you to reappropriate the same look with a different touch.

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