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Visit men's shorts is a must-have in every wardrobe, especially as summer approaches. Although shorts were not originally associated with streetwear, they have since been adopted and can be found in many outfits. Discover the selection ProjectX denim or cotton shorts for men. Adopt the real urban fashion trend with the finest pieces to enhance your streetwear outfit.

If you're looking for ideas for outfits with shorts, check out our blog, where we reference all the streetwear news.

The history of shorts

Although shorts were originally a garment reserved for the bourgeoisie, initially known as knickerbockers, their main characteristic was that they were shorter than pants. Much later, towards the end of the 19th century, they became an essential item of clothing for outdoor sports. Today, shorts are universally worn and are an effective way to combat high temperatures. The shorts trend has become popular in streetwear. Visit streetwear shorts has in fact become a piece that adapts perfectly to urban outfits, for which the use of a cargo shorts a piece with lots of character. To sublimate your outfit, we advise you to wear streetwear accessories such as caps, bracelets and bags.

At Project X Paris, shorts are multi-colored in lightweight fabrics and a variety of prints for comfort and style. Belted shorts, banded shorts, cargo shorts, checkered shorts, fine stripes... you'll find the model to suit your style.

How to choose your men's Bermuda shorts?

To make sure you don't get confused between shorts or men's bermuda shorts If you're going to wear shorts, you need to be very careful about the length of your garment. Shorts are theoretically much shorter than Bermuda shorts, but both remain above the knee, otherwise they'd be called pantacourt. It's also a good idea to choose shorts or Bermuda shorts that fit your body well, to avoid an unattractive silhouette, so don't hesitate to come and try them on in store.

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