Women's jogging suits

Visit women's jogging suit is the comfortable, casual pant par excellence. Originally a sportswear staple, or worn at weekends to chill out, they've become a must-have for both streetwear and wardrobes. Discover our women's jogging pants : timeless or trendy, plain or printed, fleece or flowing, classic or side-banded, oversized or fitted... You'll find the right women's jogging suit whatever your style at Project x Paris!

Jogging suits are much more than just a sportswear item designed for playing sports or relaxing on Sundays. It's now a must-have in your wardrobe. Looking good in women's jogging suit is possible, as long as you choose a model whose cut, length, style, color and details appeal to you and enhance your silhouette.

Women's jogging pants: several styles without skimping on comfort

There are as many women's jogging pants as there are styles: plain or patterned; in textured fabric, fleece or velvet; fitted or oversized, classic or bold.... Plain jogging goes with everything: you can wear it with a top from women's tracksuit of the same color and style, or with a t-shirt, blazer or shirt, for example. If you opt for patterned or printed jogging pants, they can be worn with a plain top or as a set with the women's sweater to match. Jeans aren't the only way to get a casual look. women's tracksuit bottoms simple or with side stripes is a must-have that can even add a touch of elegance to your outfit, day or night, depending on the model chosen.

Colorful tracksuit bottoms to express your personality

Who said jogging had to be discreet? If gray jogging suit black or beige are popular and worn by women of all ages. tracksuit bottoms are increasingly visible on stage and in the street. Pink, fuschia, purple, orange or khaki, or even nude shades such as cream, brown and taupe, women's jogging suits are reinventing themselves. Assert your style and express your unfiltered personality with monochrome, bicolored, multicolored, textured or patterned jogging pants: you'll discover numerous models of women's jogging pants imagined by our designers on our streetwear shop. Adapt the color of your jogging suit to the occasion and the time of day!

Which women's jogging suit is right for you?

Because it has to be comfortable and show off your legs, choosing the right cut is a must. women's jogging suit is just as important as choosing a model you like! The straight-cut jogging suit is suitable for most female morphologies. To slim your figure, choose a slim-fit jogging suit or tight-fitting, in a dark color, or jogging bottoms tightened at the ankles. The oversize jogging suit is perfect for achieving an effortlessly casual look, although you'll need to balance the silhouette with a closer-fitting top and accessories. Finally, the cargo jogging is practical with its pockets, yet fashionable at the same time. With an oversized or fitted model, you won't make any fashion faux-pas!

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