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Men's sweatshirts

Visit men's sweatshirt is the must-have piece in any man's wardrobe for a casual, sportswear or casual-meets-sportswear look. streetwear The perfect match for all your outfits. Discover a wide choice of trendy, wearable sweatshirts for all seasons, available in many styles, colors and prints: Hoodies and sweatshirts, sweatshirts and round-neck sweatshirts or classic streetwear sweater, zipped sweatshirts...

A trendy, stylish men's sweater for all seasons

This is the urban clothing The ultimate casual look for your outfit. Men's sweaters come in a wide range of styles, cuts and colors.
What types of sweaters are available from Project X Paris?
We offer a wide range of trendy sweatshirts: men's hoodies, sweatshirts and zipped sweatshirts.


The hoodie

A men's dressing room staple, the men's hoodie also known as hoodie can be worn for any occasion. It's the best sweatshirt to get a look streetwear while protecting you from rain and wind. Wear it with a matching jogging suit for a sportswear and streetwear look. men's tracksuit. This streetwear garment can also be worn with jeans or cargo pants. It can be worn over a tee-shirt or shirt in all seasons, and is available in the following versions sweatshirt jacket ideal for mid-season or cold weather.


The classic men's sweatshirt: the round-neck sweatshirt

Another hoodless sweatshirt classic to have in your wardrobe: the men's sweatshirt the most famous and worn in the world is the round-neck sweatshirt. A basic, timeless sweater for a casual look that can be worn for all occasions and all seasons. Plain or printed, with or without pockets, classic or oversized, there's a sweater for every occasion. round-neck sweatshirt to your liking.


The zipped sweatshirt, practical to put on and take off

This is the men's sweatshirteasy to put on and take off: the zipped sweatshirt also available as a half-zip sweatshirt, is a zippered sweatshirt. You can open it when it's hot or close it when it's cold. A garment streetwear a must-have, comfortable to wear and adaptable to all temperatures.


A streetwear sweater for a casual, stylish look in all circumstances

Men's sweatshirt is the streetwear pullover par excellence. The world of rap and hip hop is marked by its own urban, casual and stylish style: the sweatshirt is the essential garment worn by the greatest American and French rappers, and even beyond. Oversized, plain or graphic with patterns, it's men's streetwear outfit indispensable.


How to wear a man's sweater for a trendy, streetwear look?

An outfit that's both trendy and comfortable, the men's sweatshirt can be worn in a variety of ways. For a sportwear look for example, you can combine it with a men's jogging suit properly fitted, following the line of the leg and white or colored sneakers. Be careful, however, to choose the right your sweater and accessorize your outfit well to avoid the gym look. For a chic casual outfit, you can choose a zipped hoodie to lighten up a formal outfit. If you prefer a more urban look, don't hesitate to combine your hoodie man with a pair of jeans and a leather perfecto.


Why choose a Project X Paris sweatshirt?

At Project X Paris, your sweatshirt brand streetwear and sportswear, we offer you a wide choice of men's sweatshirt for casual, chic or urban. You will find on our website as well as in our streetwear boutiques a whole range of sweatshirts available in sizes S to XL in a variety of colors and prints: men's black sweatshirt, man sweater white gray sweatshirt, yellow sweatshirt, multicolored sweatshirt, orange sweatshirt... Discover also our men's tracksuits for a total look from head to toe.

Ideal for mid-season or all year round, let yourself be seduced by our collection of brand sweaters Project X Paris men: hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, patterned sweatshirts, oversize sweater or regular in different colors. Something for everyone! Treat yourself to sweatshirts round collar or comfortable hood. You'll find models with two side pockets or a kangaroo pocket for your smartphone or to keep your hands warm.

Create your outfit urbanwear for every occasion with our trendy sweater models streetwear and chic at the same time, pair them with jeans or jogging pants.

For an elegant look, pair your sweatshirts with pants with a slimmer cut. Personalize your streetwear sweatshirts You can add a hoodie to your image by matching accessories to your outfit. Incorporate the hoodie into a casual style for a sportswear look or to contrast with formal pieces.


The history of sweatshirts and hoodies, urban streetwear icons

Born in the USA in the 1930s, the men's sweatshirt The sweatshirt was originally worn by athletes such as boxer Mohamed Ali. Today, sweatshirts have been democratized and become a must-have item. wardrobe basics ready for all seasons. In fact, it can be easily combined with a variety of pieces. After many years of hard work, the sweatshirt has gone from being a simple "sweat shirt" to a true fashion icon. It goes well with a variety of looks: streetwear, sportswear, hype or casual.

As for the hoodie It's often associated with sports culture, and for good reason: it was mainly worn by athletes and boxers, who received a great deal of media coverage. It gradually became part of urban culture, worn by workers and students who enriched it with logos and visuals symbolizing their daily lives (neighborhood number, university logo, etc.).

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