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French brand specializing in streetwear Project X Paris is an avant-garde fashion concept imagined by two young French designers. Created in 2015, the brand offers streetwear clothing and accessories inspired by urban and hip hop culture, art and sportswear. Because our style appeals to the greatest artists and sportsmen, discover also our streetwear collaborations with the biggest names.

Streetwear news

Streetwear, more than a trend, a lifestyle

Visit streetwear is a clothing style that emerged in the USA in the 80s. Inspired by popular and urban culture, in particular the worlds of hip-hop With its roots in rap, skate and art (graffiti), streetwear went against the grain of fashion at the time and was in the minority. Many years have passed since then, and streetwear has become an essential mainstream clothing style, worn by athletes, rappers and artists as well as people of all social classes and ages on a daily basis.

A streetwear shop in tune with the latest fashion trends

Project X Paris is a streetwear shop offering a wide choice of trendy men's and women's clothing collections, as well as streetwear accessories to complete your look. Looking for casual, comfortable and stylish clothing? You've come to the right place. Discover our outfits men's streetwear and our outfits women's streetwear which you can also buy in one of our stores. streetwear stores.

What kind of streetwear does Project X offer?

Project X offers a wide choice of streetwear clothing We have a wide range of styles to suit everyone, men and women, whatever their style. If you love fashion and want to find trendy pieces, let yourself be seduced by our streetwear capsule collections The basics essentials to timeless outfits streetwear style to reflect its personality.

Our clothes streetwear can be worn in any season. You'll find wardrobe must-haves like tracksuit sets stylish sweatshirts trends hoodies essentials and tee shirt plain or patterned, shirts in all styles, and a wide range of jogging suits comfortable jeans (slim, skinny, jogg jeans...) and cargo pants....

For summer, you'll find shorts and shorts sets for men and women, as well as skirts and dresses for a trendy women's look. For winter, we offer the essential branded down jacket Project X Paris, a best-selling streetwear wardrobe essential. Practical, aesthetic and space-saving, the down jacket will keep you warm all winter long. Once again, whatever your style, you'll find a down jacket to suit you: with or without fur, with or without sleeves, short or long, sober or colorful... For mid-season, discover jackets and blousons.

Trendy men's and women's fashion with streetwear-style branded clothing

Project X Paris is a streetwear brand fashion shop offering trendy clothing for men and women. For men's dressing rooms, discover our collections of basics streetwear like men's sweatshirts our men's t shirt and men's tracksuits and men's cargo pants the timeless men's jeans the famous men's shorts and many more. Women will also find something to suit them at Project X Paris with women's t shirt stylish trendy dresses sets women's clothing and women's sweater unique women's jogging suit comfortable...

Streetwear accessories to complete your outfit and assert your style

Accessories are important to complete an outfit and assert one's personality. Our designers don't underestimate their importance, and to offer you a wide range of outfit possibilities, they have come up with numerous streetwear accessories for men and women. In any season, choose a cap a streetwear bag and sneakers trend. For summer, think bobsleigh, while in winter a beanie will protect you from the cold in style.

Rap and streetwear news on the Project x Paris blog

Project X Paris is much more than just a store streetwear. We design streetwear outfits by artists, sportsmen, actors and rappers with whom we produce collaborations. At the crossroads of streetwear, hip hop clothing, rap news and urban culture, you can discover the latest news about trends and the brand on the blog !

Discover the benefits of streetwear with Project X Paris

Project X is also a loyalty program which allows you to earn points with every purchase and benefit from discounts. Earn rewards with our sponsorship program and when it's your birthday, we'll treat you to a gift ! Give the gift card Project x Paris is sure to please all streetwear fans.

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