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Looking for a versatile, mid-season jacket with a distinctly urban style? Discover the men's jacket collection from Project X Paris. A wide range of styles and looks can be found in the Project X Paris streetwear catalog. Urban, military, hooded, denim, biker style, plaid, quilted...there's something for everyone.

The importance of men's jackets

At last, the cold winter temperatures are disappearing, giving way to mid-season. Choosing the right jacket is more complicated than it seems. Temperatures alternate between hot and cold, and you don't know which foot to dance on. As a result, the choice of jacket is particularly decisive. Mid-season is also the time to get outside and enjoy the good weather with friends and family. The choice of jacket must therefore be ideally suited to variations in temperature.

How to choose a men's jacket with Project X?

Project X's range of men's jackets is just the thing for mid-season. The choice of jacket is based on two criteria: comfort and style. Quilted jackets are perfect when temperatures are still slightly cool. The quilted side provides extra protection. Denim or bomber jackets stand out for their versatility. They're warm enough to offer real protection, but can also be worn at the end of the day or in the evening, when it's slightly cooler. What's more, these jackets can be worn open. Hooded jackets accentuate the street look. As for overshirts, they're back in the spotlight with a vengeance. We love the combination of style and comfort.

  • Jackets and vests are essential wardrobe staples. For a total look streetwear and trendy, opt for a project x homme vest or jacket to make the difference! Project X Paris project x homme, lifestyle Shop and streetwear par excellence, offers a wide selection of jackets and vests to add style to your outfits. Looking for a modern, casual look? Discover our selection of project x jackets and vests. We offer a multitude of different materials, colors and patterns to please as many of you as possible.

  • When winter rolls around, it's best to get out and cover up! Project X Paris, your specialist for streetwear for men and women offers you a selection of windbreaker to stay warm and dry on cooler autumn and winter days.
    Ultra-trendy this season, the men's windbreaker jacket is designed to protect you from bad weather. Waterproof, warm and with functional pockets, the windbreaker is both practical and fashionable. Don't hesitate to wear your windbreaker jacket with skinny jeans or matching pants for a relaxed yet stylish outfit.

    What is a men's windbreaker?

    A windbreaker, as its name suggests, is an insulating garment that provides protection from the elements. Created by Léon-Claude Duhamel in 1965, the windbreaker, or waterproof jacket, is a useful, practical, lightweight garment that can be carried in a bag or trouser pocket. Unisex and universal, the men's windbreaker reached its peak in the 90s with the evolution of the sportswear look. The men's windbreaker created a certain revolution in the world of fashion.

    In addition to the product's technical features (heat retention, rain protection and ease of transport), Project X Paris has brought a streetwear aesthetic to men's windbreakers. The models created are intimately inspired by sportswear, integrating it fully into a man's urban look. Project X Paris's unique selection of windbreakers combines the practical with the pleasurable. In bad weather, your windbreaker jacket will brighten up your style. Graphic, sporty or streamlined: the Project X Paris men's windbreaker jacket is your best ally. Note, however, that a windproof jacket won't keep you as warm as a parka.

    How to wear a windproof jacket

    Today, the windbreaker has become a hype product, thanks to the many colors and patterns it comes in. More chic and stylish than ever, the men's windbreaker is making a comeback! You can wear it with destroy jeans for streetwear style, with simple denim to highlight the design of the windbreaker jacket, or with pants for a more streamlined look. It can also be worn with matching or printed jogging bottoms for a more relaxed look.

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