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Caps and Bobs

Find in this category the latest Project X Paris accessories for men and women. Enhance your outfits with Project X Paris urban caps.
History of the cap
The history of the cap begins with the military kepi. And yes! This one served as a model for the creation. It then became popular in the 19th century with railway workers, newspaper sellers, janitors and other members of the administration. A true symbol of the working class, not a single worker went out without being covered in it. But it is in the 30's that it knows its great advent in the sporting field, in particular with the baseball in the USA.

The cap then becomes an art of living, an affirmation of his personality. We wear it with the sign of his favorite team and the initials of his city. And with Project X Paris, it is back in force with a cooler silhouette and sporty details. You have the choice: more or less marked writing, different colors and different materials. For something less thick, we suggest sleek and light models with initials on the sides.

If it is possible to wear a Project X Paris cap with a variety of outfits, it is especially with a sports outfit that it finds its natural place. How to wear a cap with style?

A "Made in the USA" look with jeans and a T-shirt, without forgetting the aviator jacket if the weather requires it.

A streetwear look witha tracksuit bottomatank topand a pair of high top sneakers.

A rock look withskinny jeansblack, aTee-shirtwhite, a perfecto and a pair of boots. In this case, your cap should be black too.

Classic look: polo shirt, and moccasins will work perfectly with your cap.

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