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A must-have for men's dressing rooms, discover the new Project X Paris shirt collection. Find elegant and trendy shirts for men: buffalo shirts in check, stripes, denim, plain, slim or regular.
Don't hesitate to vary your shirt styles to break up the solemn, formal look it could bring to your look. The collar of the shirt is very important, especially if you're planning a street wear look.

The rule is that the neckline must allow only one finger to pass between your neck and the collar once it's buttoned.

A stylish shirt

It's true that the shirt is traditionally affiliated with the preppy look and the suit. However, there's nothing to stop you taking it to a completely different level. In fact, the shirt lends itself perfectly to a much more urban look.

Unbuttoned or open shirt?

In this case, opt for an unbuttoned shirt for a more casual look. You can also wear it open over a T-shirt. For the bottom, to keep the urban wear spirit, combine the shirt with a jean or a jogg jean.

We dare "Denim on denim"!

Our shirts would go perfectly with a jean. To make the most of your look, make sure you have a demin in the same color as your shirt, for a more effective look. If you're a hipster, you can swap the cap for a hat. Don't forget accessories such as caps details make all the difference.

  • Worn either with a casual look or a classy evening look, for example, the overshirt is one of the must-have items in a man's dressing room. Discover the new overshirt collection. Project X Paris.
    Find elegant and trendy shirts for men: buffalo shirts in check, stripes, denim, plain, slim or regular. Don't hesitate to vary styles and colors with your shirt to break up the solemn, formal look it can bring to your look. The shape of the shirt collar is very important, especially if you plan to wear it with a street wear look. Overshirts, for example, are more common in streetwear than "classic" shirts.

    The history of the overshirt

    The men's overshirt is virtually a new addition to the men's wardrobe.

    Indeed, wearing a warm overshirt over a garment, like a jacket, is not so common for men. However, the men's overshirt is derived directly from the Lumberjack Shirt, the warm woollen shirt worn by the inhabitants of the great American North. Revived in the 90s by Street Culture and Snoop Doogy Dog in particular, this garment is once again an urban fashion staple.

    How to choose the right men's overshirt?

    To make sure you don't make a mistake when choosing your overshirt, there are a few points to bear in mind, specifically the choice of fabric. accessories and the raw materials used. We prefer 100% cotton for its comfort and the strength of its fibers. Note that cotton shirts are high-end shirts, so there will be a price difference. Woven with a very fine warp yarn, poplin shirts are the standard for formal shirts. The majority of streetwear shirts, on the other hand, are made from Oxford, which unlike poplin has a less precise weave, accentuating the checkered effect of the weave.

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