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Men's tank tops

Project X Paris offers a range of tank tops for men. From printed to plain, the tank top is a basic that combines comfort and style.
A spring/summer essential, the tank top is one of the most versatile pieces in the wardrobe. Our models with big straps and small neckline give a casual look while remaining street wear.

Marcel, tank top or singlet... back to the story

The tank top is a French creation. And yes! It was Marcel Eisenberg, owner of a hosiery company, who started to mass-produce this tank top that will bear his first name. He was inspired by a clever handler who came in with a wool sweater whose sleeves he had cut off to free up shoulder mobility. In France we use the term "marcel" to designate this garment but also tank tops and sleeveless T-shirts. Meanwhile, in the United States, the equivalent of the Marcel is called the "singlet".

At first, symbol of the worker, the tank top will know a dazzling success thanks to the actor Marlon Brandon in "A streetcar named Desire" and will become the symbol of the manly and sexy man. Who are they for? Sportsmen or vacationers, tank tops are available for different profiles. Their cut allows a great freedom of movement. For sportswear lovers, the tank top will also suit your outfits. For a trendy style, some basic rules of dress are however to be respected to obtain the desired effect!

Tip #1: The white tank top, king of the tank top

We can't say it enough, if you have to choose one, the white tank top would be the best choice. You'll get a cool and trendy look effortlessly and without fashion faux pas.

Tip #2: Pair with destroy jeans In the city, to break up the basic side of a simple tank top, you can pair it with destroy jeans to bring character to the whole style.

Tip #3: With shorts It is obvious that the tank top is perfect for hot periods. If you are in summer mode and vacation, the shorts will be the best ally of the tank top. It will allow you to have a cool look in all tests.

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