Project X Paris

Franchise stores

Plus points :

- The only French streetwear brand in the trade and in retail
- Creative brand with a new look every month (Fast Fashion)
- Steadily rising sales
- Modern marketing, highlighted by music and sport
- A team attentive to customer and market needs

 Project X Paris


 Project X Paris

No entry fee

 Project X Paris

Easy to set up in just a few weeks

 Project X Paris

A financially viable concept that's more profitable than average

Store openings

By 2021, 40 stores, including 15 franchises: Toulouse, Marseille, Perpignan, Lyon...

By 2023, 60 stores, including 30 franchised stores: Valenciennes, Poitiers, Brest, Rennes...

and over 1,500 PxP distributors worldwide.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

Who we are

Created in 2015 by two designer brothers, we are a French brand strongly influenced by our time and social networks.

We offer an urban style combined with Parisian fashion. Our products are also distributed in over 1,500 multi-brand boutiques worldwide.

All models are treated and designed by our stylists in our Paris studios to ensure a perfect, fashionable fit.

Our communication strength

A favorite brand of singers, rappers and youtubers.

We have established ourselves in the urban environment with artists, athletes and influencers of the moment.

Collaborations :

(USA) Akon, French Montana, Chris Brown, Gunna, Nemar, etc.

(FR) Orelsan, Koba Lad, Vegedream, Ninho, Gradur, SCH, Dinor, Noah Lunsi, etc.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

We invite you to contact us by e-mail at the following address:

[email protected]

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