Discover our collections of women's clothing inspired by urban, streetwear and sportswear styles. From timeless, casual wardrobe essentials to the latest women's streetwear trends, as well as flashier outfits to assert your personality, there's something for everyone at Project x Paris. Clothing women's streetwear to discover online and in streetwear store From women's jogging suit from cargo and jeans to women's sweaters, tops and tee shirts casual shirts and women's down jackets You'll find trendy outfits to mix and match to your heart's content. If you prefer ensembles or complete outfits, opt for our women's tracksuits chic and comfortable or our fitted dresses !

Women's clothing for every occasion

Assert your personality through your style of dress. Visit streetwear is the trend women's fashion a must-have for an effortlessly chic, casual look. Project x Paris, the streetwear brand for men and women, offers you a wide selection of women's clothing available in many styles, cuts, colors and sizes. If you're not sure which size to choose women's outfit to choose from, our sizing guide answers your questions. You'll find timeless, must-have women's clothing such as women's jeans, tee shirts, crop tops and bodysuits and women's sweaters and trendy shirts. For style fans sportswear discover our selection of women's jogging suits and women's tracksuit set comfortable and chic. Finally, if you're looking for women's clothing streetwear styles, such as brand sweaters, hoodies and cargos, you've come to the right place. For cold periods like winter, you'll find down jackets and parkas with or without fur, short or long, fitted or oversized, as well as jackets and vests for spring and autumn. For summer and good weather, let yourself be seduced by our shorts dresses and skirts!

Wear comfortable, trendy streetwear for women

Visit women's streetwear remains a style in its own right, both casual and comfortable with a feminine touch. Influenced by multiple universes and highlighted by RnB singers athletes, skateboarders and artists, this style of clothing has developed and is associated with hip hop clothing must-haves from the online store: oversize top, original women's sweater hoodies, fur parkas, baseball jackets, fitted tee shirt dresses, cargo shirts, oversized jeans, women's tracksuits. Complete your women's streetwear outfit with our selection accessories streetwear bags, bobs, trendy hats, sneakers... Notre streetwear blog offers articles on urban fashion and advice on how to wear your outfits with style. For an elegant, casual look, choose plain women's clothing or essentials with embroidered brand logo. Dare to use colors and patterns to assert your personality. Here again, you have a wide choice of colors and patterns. women's streetwear available on our streetwear shop online or in-store.

  • Visit women's sweater is the perfect fashion statement piece. A streetwear outfit comfortable and essential for all occasions and all seasons, for an urban, chic-casual or feminine look. Discover a wide choice of trendy women's sweater available in many colors, styles, prints and cuts: women's hoodies, women's hoodless sweatshirts and sweatshirts or streetwear sweater, women's zip-up sweatshirts, women's sweatshirt jackets, crop top sweatshirt

    Women's sweaters: comfortable, timeless and trendy

    Originally, women's sweaters were streetwear outfit born in the 1930s in the United States, associated with the world of sport, but also with urban and popular culture. Since then, this timeless garment has come a long way, becoming increasingly popular and even inspiring some of the world's leading high-end and luxury ready-to-wear brands. Visit women's sweater is available in a wide range of styles, cuts, patterns and colors.

    What types of women's sweaters are available from Project X Paris?

    We offer a wide range of trendy women's sweaters hoodies (women's hooded sweatshirts), hoodless sweatshirts, zip-up sweatshirts crop top sweatshirt, women's velvet sweatshirt...

    Women's hoodies: the must-have hoodie

    Visit women's hoodie also known as hoodie can be worn all year round: with its hood, it offers protection from the rain and wind, while maintaining a casual, streetwear look.

    The classic women's sweatshirt: the round-neck sweatshirt

    A classic top in a woman's wardrobe, ideal for everyday wear or to assert your personality depending on your mood: the women's sweatshirt. It is a hoodless sweatshirt, the best known of which is the round-neck sweatshirt. A timeless basic for casual or more sophisticated looks
    Plain or printed, with or without pockets, in velvet or fleece, classic or oversized, there's sure to be a round-neck sweatshirt that's sure to please!

    Women's zip-up sweatshirt: the most practical sweatshirt

    This is the women's sweater easy to put on and take off: the women's zip-up sweatshirt also available as a half-zip sweatshirt and in the crop top sweatshirt. It's a zippered sweatshirt that can be opened and closed to suit your mood and the weather.

    The crop top sweatshirt, a short, comfortable sweatshirt

    Visit crop top is a short top that reveals the navel. Its comfortable version is the crop top sweatshirt A short sweatshirt available in plain and colorful or patterned versions, fitted or oversized.

    Oversized sweatshirt for comfort and timelessness

    Project X Paris is a sweatshirt brand specialized in streetwear: to keep up with the latest fashion trends, offer oversize sweater for women came naturally. Visit women's oversize sweater is the stylish, timeless piece to buy all year round, offering even more comfort than a classic sweater thanks to its fullness.

    The practical, elegant women's sweater jacket

    Between the vest, the jacket and the sweater is the women's sweatshirt jacket. It can be worn open or closed with its zipper or buttons, depending on your style. Discover a wide choice of women's sweatshirt jackets to be at the cutting edge of fashion while wearing comfortable streetwear.

    The women's streetwear outfit for casual elegance

    Who said sweatshirt was reserved for men? The women's sweater has established itself in the women's dressing room as the all-purpose, comfortable outfit that can be worn to feel good in your sneakers, to go to the office, to play sports, to go out... It's an essential piece of clothing for any woman. women's streetwear outfit The original, yet feminine, sweater: it's up to you to choose the style you like!

    Every woman can wear a sweater with style and confidence

    No matter what her style or body type, every woman can find a sweater in her size that suits her and appeals to her. If you're a fan of sportswear look match your sweater with a women's jogging suit. For every day, combine your women's sweatshirt with a jean flare or slim and colorful sneakers.

    Visit oversize sweater can be worn in dress or with fitted bottoms like leggings. If you want to opt for a style streetwear a combination of sweatshirt, sneakers and cap, or a pair of women's tracksuit set combining sweatshirt and cargo streetwear.

    For a chic, feminine look, dare to contrast a sweater with a skirt, accessorized with sneakers and a handbag. Alternatively, layer a sweater over a white shirt for workwear style.

    Why choose a PXP sweatshirt?

    Because Project X Paris is streetwear brand and sportswear offering a wide selection of women's sweater for casual, chic and relaxed style. Shop on our site and in our streetwear boutiques a wide range of trendy sweaters from size XS to XL in a wide range of colors, cuts and prints: women's white sweatshirt, women's grey sweatshirt orange sweatshirt, yellow sweatshirt, pastel sweater...

    Discover also our tracksuits for a total look from head to toe. Perfect for mid-season or all year round, let yourself be seduced by our collection of brand sweaters Project X Paris for women: hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, embroidered sweatshirts, heart sweatshirt, flower sweatshirt, oversize sweater or fitted, sweat crop top.... There's something for everyone!

  • Visit women's tracksuit is the outfit to wear for effortless comfort and style, with an eye for streetwear. Composed of a women's jogging pants Match it with a sweater or jacket, and there's no need to worry about what to wear in the morning: easy to wear and comfortable, it's perfect for every body type. Discover ourwomen's tracksuit sets for a chic, feminine, casual or sportswear look: there's something for everyone, with a wide range of styles, patterns, cuts, materials and colors available.

    Women's tracksuits, a must-have in every woman's wardrobe

    The return of sportswear to the forefront of the scene gives pride of place to the women's tracksuit. As every fashion brand knows, sportswear and streetwear are much more than just a fashion trend. From the covers of the biggest fashion magazines to the catwalks of Fashion Week from Paris to New York, tracksuits and jogging suits are everywhere. L'women's tracksuit set sets the tone for a comfortable outfit with matching pants and top. Both streetwear and sportswear, women's tracksuits offer real freedom of movement for an effortlessly elegant and stylish look: the garments already match, so there's no need to try to put them together!

    How to wear a woman's jogging suit with style?

    A women's tracksuit can be worn for any occasion! For working out, chilling out, shopping, hanging out with friends, going to class or to the office, traveling in comfort and style.... For every season you'll find women's tracksuit sets perfect for keeping warm in winter and autumn alike, in lighter, more breathable fabrics designed for spring and summer. Women's tracksuits can be worn in a number of ways: as a classic with a matching top and pants, or as a mix&match to mismatch tops and bottoms. In this case, match the tracksuit bottoms with a shirt for a working girl look, or wear the tracksuit top with jeans for a more casual, all-purpose style. If the bottom is oversized, choose a more fitted top and vice versa to balance out your silhouette.

    For a sportswear look A track suit in a classic solid color like black, gray or beige, matched with sneakers or sneakers for the gym or the outdoors. For a streetwear look day or evening, indulge yourself: dare to use color and play with graphic prints or textured materials...

    What color tracksuit set should I choose?

    Who says tracksuits have to be discreet? It's better to have several styles and colors ofwomen's tracksuit set in your wardrobe. If there are three essential, timeless outfits, they are the black tracksuit the beige tracksuit or nude and grey tracksuit. Wear as a coordinated ensemble when you're pressed for time, or as a mix&match, mismatched with other outfits in your feminine wardrobe: crop top, jean ample, skirt In addition to classic colors, dare to use eye-catching hues: purple, pink, orange, yellow.... Colors that the designers of our streetwear clothing combine to create two-tone, multicolored or monochrome models, combining style and boldness.

    Which cut of women's tracksuit to choose?

    The women's tracksuit that suits you is first and foremost the one that fits your body. size. Then, once you know what size to wear, concentrate on its cut It must be neither too tight, nor too wide, nor too short, nor too long... A oversize tracksuit set is comfortable and allows you to feel at ease, it's an outfit chosen because you like this style of clothing, so it's assertive, or to balance your silhouette: be careful, it can pack in or make you look smaller, depending on your morphology. L'women's cargo set is trendy and practical with its pockets. For a smart and stylish tracksuit for women The rest will depend on the style of the model chosen and its details.

  • Women's jogging pants are the comfortable, casual pants par excellence. Originally associated with the sportswear style, or worn at weekends to chill out, they've become a must-have both on the street and in your wardrobe. Discover our collections of women's jogging pants: timeless or trendy, plain or printed, fleecy or flowing, classic or with side stripes, oversized or fitted... You'll find the right women's jogging pants for every style at Project x Paris!

  • The new collection Women's tops and tees by Project X Paris is now available on the site. Indulge yourself with a wide choice of models and patterns ideal for this new season! The tee-shirt is the essential item par excellence. T-shirts, yes, but they're not all about basics. You'll love our printed, colored and striped T-shirts, which add a touch of originality to this simple garment. T-shirts are a reference for all styles: chic, minimalist, streetwear or casual. Combine it with any outfit you like. Wear it with jeans, a skirt or tracksuit bottoms. Take a look at our other clothes to match your tee-shirt!

    The women's T-shirt at Project X

    At Project X Paris, your women's T-shirt is available as a crop-top or with sleeves for the ladies. You can count on our models for stylish summer sunbathing, or wear them as layering under an evening dress. sweater for extra warmth in winter.

    The looks that go with a woman's t-shirt

    Here are 3 look ideas that will change your mind:

    - With jeans for a retro look
    We can't say it often enough: jeans and tees are soul mates! Combining them always creates a great look. Jeans come in a variety of cuts and designs, and you're sure to find the jeans to match your style. women's t-shirt.

    - With tracksuit bottoms for an urban wear look
    For lovers of women's sportswear, we suggest you wear the tee-shirt with a pair of socks. tracksuit for a casual look. You can even wear shorts with a crop-top for confirmed street style.

    - With a skirt
    For the more girly, don't hesitate to combine a skirt with a tee-shirt. Far from being juvenile, the skirt/tee-shirt combination adds a chic, mature edge to your look.

  • Project X Paris it's for women too! Women are a choice that the brand does not neglect. Everything is done to give you a unique style that suits you.

  • Enjoy a wide selection of women's jeans Project X Paris slim fit, skinny, high-waisted, patterned, side stripes, contrast piping.
    What could be better than jeans? Comfortable, stylish and versatile, they have more than one trick up their sleeve and on our street shop you'll find more than one reason to fill your wardrobe with them. We offer jeans in a range of cuts and designs to ensure you look your best, whatever your body type.
    Jeans and women: a true love story

  • The dress is the centerpiece of a Women's wardrobe. To choose the best dress for you, you need to consider a number of criteria: your body type, the event you want to wear it for and the season you're in. In its streetwear version, the dress is characterized by fluidity and movement, perfect for moving around on those occasions when you wear it. The dress is your most loyal ally when going out, so don't forget it!

    Project X Paris, your style partner streetwear, offers you a selection of women's dresses, with a multitude of styles, each more ravishing than the last. These include the off-the-shoulder dress, ideal for a girly look when you're out and about, or the body-hugging dress that hugs the silhouette of your body.

  • Don't be afraid to show off your legs with Project X Paris. In denim, cotton, with or without print, high-waisted or low-waisted, discover our new collection and fall for our latest models.
    More accustomed to festivals and sunny beaches, shorts are now making their summer home in our city wardrobes. They're the perfect garment for the spring/summer season. Ultra-comfortable, they can also add a touch of elegance. To this effect, we wear them in feminine, supple fabrics, to stand out from basic shorts.

    Just the thing, because in our street shop, you'll find plenty of choice to give shorts all their letters of nobility.

    In summer: shorts are the ideal garment!

    It's a go-to outfit for its simplicity, but also because it shows off your legs. Choose a flowing fabric with prints for a touch of originality. We advise you to wear it with a tank top short-sleeved tee-shirt or a shirt. It's dressy enough for city wear. Don't hesitate to complement it with pretty sandals and tuck your top inside to emphasize your waist.

    In winter: shorts adapt!

    We prefer thicker materials such as denim or velvet. Worn with one of our sweatshirts, you're sure to make an impact: you'll be right online with the sportswear trend.

  • The Women's Overshirt or Overshirt Jacket can be worn in a casual look close to streetwear. But it can also be worn in a classic, dressy style for an important occasion.
    In fact, the overshirt is one of fashion's must-haves for 2022, and can be worn with many different pieces. What's more, the overshirt has the advantage of being a dominant garment, which is why it can be worn without too much fuss while still looking dressy. This applies to men's overshirts , of course, but even more so to our women's models. At Projectxparis, you'll find a wide choice of overshirts, from wool to plaid to fleece. Find stylish and trendy overshirts for women.

    Don't hesitate to vary the styles, colors and combinations possible with your overshirt. This helps to break down the solemnity and formality it can bring to your look. Overshirts are very popular with the fashion world streetwear .

  • Our complete collection of women's down jackets

    Discover our superb range of women's down jackets at Project X Paris. From sleeveless jackets to long models, all our models combine comfort and urban style to spend the winter at the cutting edge of fashion.

    Shop our complete collection of women's coats and parkas at Project X Paris. Fur parkas, short quilted down jackets, bombers and fitted coats, there's something for everyone. The Project X Paris women's down jacket is back with a vengeance this season. A must-have classic for winter and mid-season to keep you warm in style!

    Fall for our street and chic selection

    Fall for our selection of women's coats street and chic at Project X Paris, discover a wide choice of styles for an urban look that goes well beyond passing trends.

    Let yourself be seduced by our varied range of women's streetwear coats designed for those seeking the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. From fur parkas to tailored coats, each piece reflects the modern aesthetic of Project X Paris. Dive into our world of urban fashion and find the coat that boldly expresses your individuality.

    Sleeveless down jackets: the choice of versatility

    Opt for lightness and versatility with our women's sleeveless down jackets. They are ideal for a casual, dynamic style, perfect for the milder days of mid-season.

    Discover the freedom of movement offered by our sleeveless down jackets. Their sleek design and lightweight silhouette make them an ideal choice for those seeking the right balance between style and functionality. Available in a range of on-trend colors, these versatile pieces adapt to your everyday style and will quickly become wardrobe staples!

    Make a style statement with a long down jacket

    Assert your individuality and femininity with our women's long jackets. These jackets add a sophisticated touch to your outfit, while guaranteeing the best protection against the cold as they cover the whole body.

    Our long down jackets are the epitome of urban elegance, with a flowing cut and meticulous detailing. Perfect for the harshest winter days, they offer optimum protection while adding a touch of chic style to your look. The long down jacket goes perfectly with a women's tracksuit set !

    Lightweight down jackets: the right compromise for the shoulder season

    For those who prefer lightness without compromising on warmth, our women's lightweight down jackets are an essential choice. They slip easily over a sweater or light jacket while keeping you comfortably warm.

    Our lightweight down jackets are designed to be both functional and stylish. They offer excellent thermal insulation. Whether worn as an outer layer or under a thicker coat, these lightweight down jackets add a contemporary touch to your outfit while ensuring you stay warm and fashionable.

    Parkas, down jackets or long coats: adopt streetwear style all winter long

    Our commitment to quality and style is evident in every seam of our parkas, down jackets and coats, because the women's down jacket by Project X Paris remains a classic this season.

    Each piece in our collection embodies the authenticity and creativity that define our DNA. Our aim? To offer you more than just women's streetwear outfit It's an experience in style that evokes confidence and individuality. Browse our site and find the perfect women's down jacket to accompany you in style all season long. Stay warm, stay trendy with Project X Paris.

  • Fall for the new jacket collection, bombers and tracksuits on the Project X Paris website. Enjoy a wide choice of cuts and prints to match your style.
    A good jacket is essential to complete an outfit. Project X Paris jackets and blousons are made to concoct "your" trendy style, perfectly reflecting your personality. Choose from velvet, stripes, baroque patterns, checks, jogging jackets, teddy jackets and more. bombers.

    Project X Paris jackets and blousons will accompany you through the seasons and through the years. To further express your personality, you can accessorize your jacket or blouson with a cap for a street chic outfit, or a pair of pumps to feminize your look. The choice is yours!

    In all cases, it's important to choose the right cut for your body shape.

    Jackets and vests

    Project X Paris jackets and vests can be worn as a coordinated set with matching bottoms, or as a mismatched ensemble with jeans or a skirt.

    Women's Bombers

    This season's trendy jacket, the bomber makes an immediate statement as the finishing touch to any outfit. For the most contemporary women, the bomber is the jacket to have. The bomber is ideal for creating a trendy urban wear look or for offsetting a corporate outfit.

    Teddy women

    It's a must-have this season. The teddy jacket is making a comeback in women's wardrobes, much to our delight. You'll love our plaid, patterned and printed teddy jackets with zip fastenings and two side pockets. The sleeves are tightened for added style.

  • Discover our latest pieces.
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