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For women, streetwear and sportswear chic are becoming more and more trendy. Thanks to Project X Paris, learn how to combine stylish and comfortable looks by following our guide to be on top of the trend.

Find in a few clicks the women's ready-to-wear of Project X Paris:t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, tracksuits, jogging bottoms, jeans, shortsskirts, dressesandparkas for women. Shop your outfit among the different styles, choosing the one that suits you: chic, casual, sportswear, trendy or streetwear proposed on our website PXP.

Streetwear is now adopted by women and men. Urban fashion is now present in all areas: fashion, music, dance. The biggest celebrities are getting into it and are addicted to it! The days when streetwear was only about wearing jogging bottoms and a sweater are over. Test, mix and create your own style. Mix urban with luxury, mix it with casual, make streetwear your own PXP outfit. Don't wait any longer to enter the new urban era with PXP products. They are all available in store and on our online store. Choose, wear, and shine with flow!

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