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Women's tops - T-shirts

The new collection Women's tops and tees from Project X Paris is now available on the site. Indulge yourself with a wide choice of models and patterns ideal for this new season! The tee-shirt is the essential item par excellence. T-shirts, yes, but they're not all about basics. You'll love our printed, colored and striped T-shirts, which add a touch of originality to this simple garment. T-shirts are a reference for all styles: chic, minimalist, streetwear or casual. Combine it with any outfit you like. Wear it with jeans, a skirt or tracksuit bottoms. Take a look at our other clothes to match your tee shirt!

The women's T-shirt at Project X

At Project X Paris, your women's T-shirt is available as a crop-top or with sleeves for the ladies. You can count on our models for stylish summer sunbathing, or wear them as layering under a sweater for extra warmth in winter.

Matching looks for women's t-shirts

Here are 3 look ideas that will change your mind:

- With jeans for a retro look
We can't say it often enough: jeans and tees are soul mates! Combining them always creates a great look. Jeans come in a variety of cuts and designs, and you're sure to find the jeans to match your style. women's t-shirt.

- With tracksuit bottoms for an urban wear look
For lovers of women's sportswear, we suggest you wear the tee-shirt with a pair of socks. tracksuit for a casual look. You can even wear shorts with a crop-top for confirmed street style.

- With a skirt
For the more girly, don't hesitate to combine a skirt with a tee-shirt. Far from being juvenile, the skirt/tee-shirt combination adds a chic, mature edge to your look.

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