Streetwear for women

For women, streetwear and sportswear chic are becoming increasingly trendy. Thanks to Project X Paris, learn how to combine stylish and comfortable looks.

If you're looking for streetwear chic, discover the best in swag for women at Project X Paris. We offer a wide range of styles and patterns, from T-shirts to jogging suits and short down jackets.

Don't wait to browse our catalog of swag clothing for women and find the pieces that suit you!

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Why choose swag streetwear for women?

In recent years, streetwear has become increasingly popular among women. Once seen as a bad thing, this style, which was all the rage in the '90s, is back in fashion, and is now also making a name for itself among women. Emerging with rap and other board sports like skateboarding, streetwear is now a style in its own right. Casual and chic, women's swag comes in a range of categories: jeans, T-shirts, jogging bottoms, tracksuits, short down jackets and more. From raw, flashy colors to graffiti motifs, you can adopt this style on different scales. Comfortable and modern, it will blend perfectly with your other garments to create a unique style all your own.

What's new at Project X this season?

As with all styles, streetwear has its own fashion faux pas and its own trends. This season, discover a wide range of swag for women. In the basics, we'll be opting for high-waisted skinny-fit jeans, and crop T-shirts with logo stripes at the ends. Always with a crop waist, Project X Paris logos are embroidered or siliconized. As for sweatshirts and tracksuits, Tie & Dye and embossed pockets are in. You'll find the latter on your jogging bottoms, with strap details, and when it comes to colors and materials, dare to go for tricolors and velvets. Last but not least, you can offset your streetwear style with faux-leather pieces.