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Sweatshirts - Women's jackets

Visitwomen's sweateris the perfect fashion statement piece. Astreetwear outfitcomfortable and essential for all occasions and all seasons, for an urban, chic-casual or feminine look. Discover a wide choice oftrendy women's sweateravailable in many colors, styles, prints and cuts:women's hoodies, women's hoodless sweatshirts and sweatshirtsor streetwear sweater,women's zip-up sweatshirts, women's sweatshirt jackets, crop top sweatshirt

Women's sweaters: comfortable, timeless and trendy

Originally, women's sweaters werestreetwear outfitborn in the 1930s in the United States, associated with the world of sport, but also with urban and popular culture. Since then, this timeless garment has come a long way, becoming increasingly popular and even inspiring some of the world's leading high-end and luxury ready-to-wear brands. Visitwomen's sweateris available in a wide range of styles, cuts, patterns and colors.

What types of women's sweaters are available from Project X Paris?

We offer a wide range oftrendy women's sweatershoodies(women's hooded sweatshirts), hoodless sweatshirts, zip-up sweatshirtscrop top sweatshirt, women's velvet sweatshirt...

Women's hoodies: the must-have hoodie

Visitwomen's hoodiealso known ashoodiecan be worn all year round: with its hood, it offers protection from the rain and wind, while maintaining a casual, streetwear look.

The classic women's sweatshirt: the round-neck sweatshirt

A classic top in a woman's wardrobe, ideal for everyday wear or to assert your personality according to your mood: thewomen's sweatshirt. It is a hoodless sweatshirt, the best known of which is theround-neck sweatshirt. A timeless basic for casual or more sophisticated looks
Plain or printed, with or without pockets, in velvet or fleece, classic or oversized, there's sure to be around-neck sweatshirtthat's sure to please!

Women's zip-up sweatshirt: the most practical sweatshirt

This is thewomen's sweatereasy to put on and take off: thewomen's zip-up sweatshirtalso available as a half-zip sweatshirt and in thecrop top sweatshirt. It's a zippered sweatshirt that can be opened and closed to suit your mood and the weather.

The crop top sweatshirt, a short, comfortable sweatshirt

Visitcrop topis a short top that reveals the navel. Its comfortable version is thecrop top sweatshirtA short sweatshirt available in plain and colorful or patterned versions, fitted or oversized.

Oversized sweatshirt for comfort and timelessness

Project X Paris is asweatshirt brandspecialized in streetwear: to keep up with the latest fashion trends, offeroversize sweaterfor women came naturally. Visitwomen's oversize sweateris the stylish, timeless piece to shop for all year round, offering even more comfort than a classic sweater thanks to its fullness.

The practical, elegant women's sweater jacket

Between the vest, the jacket and the sweater is thewomen's sweatshirt jacket. It can be worn open or closed with its zipper or buttons, depending on your style. Discover a wide choice ofwomen's sweatshirt jacketsto be at the cutting edge of fashion while wearing comfortable streetwear.

The women's streetwear outfit for casual elegance

Who saidsweatshirtwas reserved for men? The women's sweater has established itself in the women's dressing room as the all-purpose, comfortable outfit that can be worn to feel good in your sneakers, to go to the office, to play sports, to go out... It's an essential piece of clothing for women.women's streetwear outfitThe original, yet feminine look: it's up to you to choose the sweater style that suits you best!

Every woman can wear a sweater with style and confidence

No matter what her style or body type, every woman can find a sweater in her size that suits her and appeals to her. If you're a fan ofsportswear lookmatch your sweater with awomen's jogging suit. For every day, combine yourwomen's sweatshirtwith ajeanflare or slim andcolorful sneakers.

Visitoversize sweatercan be worn indressor with fitted bottoms like leggings. If you want to opt for a stylestreetweara combination of sweatshirt, sneakers and cap, or a pair ofwomen's tracksuit setcombining sweatshirt andcargo streetwear.

For a chic, feminine look, dare to contrast a sweater with a skirt, accessorized with sneakers and a handbag. Alternatively, layer a sweater over a white shirt for workwear style.

Why choose a PXP sweatshirt?

Because Project X Paris isstreetwear brandand sportswear offering a wide selection ofwomen's sweaterfor casual, chic and relaxed style. Shop on our site and in ourstreetwear boutiquesa wide range oftrendy sweatersfrom size XS to XL in a wide range of colors, cuts and prints:women's white sweatshirt, women's grey sweatshirtorange sweatshirt, yellow sweatshirt,pastel sweater...

Discover also ourtracksuitsfor a total look from head to toe. Perfect for mid-season or all year round, let yourself be seduced by our collection ofbrand sweatersProject X Paris for women: hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, embroidered sweatshirts, heart sweatshirt, flower sweatshirt,oversize sweateror fitted, sweat crop top.... There's something for everyone!

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