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Street and sport chic style in womenswear has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. With Project X Paris, learn how to create hype and comfortable looks that will help to express your personality!

Use our guide to keep up with the latest trends. In just a few clicks you can find all the women's ready-to-wear from Project X Paris: tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tracksuits, jogging pants, jeans, shortsdresses and parkas for women. Shop your outfit from a wide range of styles, choosing the one that suits you best: street, chic, casual or sporty. Streetwear has become a style that both women and men can embrace.

Urban fashion is now a part of the new generation subculture, together with design, music and dance. The world's greatest celebrities are getting into it and are obsessed with it! Long gone are the days when streetwear was just about wearing gym socks with a sweatshirt. Pair urban style items with luxury, combine them with casual pieces, create your own PXP street chic look and infuse a basic outfit with a creative twist. Don't wait any longer to get into the new urban era with Project X Paris ready-to-wear. Our collections are available in our stores and e-shop. Experiment, wear, and shine in style!
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