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Discover the different articles written by Project X Paris, oriented Streetwear and rap pop culture. Whether it's an article dealing with the latest trends in summer or winter fashion. Our goal is to offer you the most interesting content possible in order to discover the streetwear fashion as it should be. What we want to do through these articles is to make you discover the streetwear fashion as it should be. It's a movement that suffers a lot of controversy, because associated with the street (the street). And so unfortunately to the negative things that it can evoke, such as outlaw movements etc... But at Project X Paris, we are convinced of the strong place that streetwear is taking in our culture and how this trend from the working class has made its way into the high end fashion world.

So what are you waiting for to learn more, check out our articles - How did the hoodie make its way into fashion ? How to wear skinny jeans ? As you can see, Project x Paris, is also a group of fashion professionals who offer you practical blog content.

Our main advice on streetwear fashion

Fashion is something that is in motion, depending on the seasons, the periods, the years. It can change drastically from one year to the next and it doesn't matter why. The majority of people will follow and give credit to the new trend. So how to behave in front of the fashion ? Follow it ? Yes or no ? The answer is of course not so simple.

So we have to ask ourselves different questions, let's take the example of a jacket that you like very much and that you have worn for 2 consecutive winters.

However, let's imagine that at the beginning of winter 2023, a new winter fashion trend appears and quickly becomes a strong trend. This is when we advise you to listen to yourself.

A garment is used to dress above all, if you are too cold then opt for a warmer dress. In this case, a warmer jacket, but the clothing is not only used to protect you from temperatures. At least this is no longer the case in the 21st century, it is important to feel good in a garment. This is our main advice if you feel less comfortable with the wardrobe you currently have.

Whether it's because your jacket is deteriorating, because you're too cold or simply because it's not fashionable anymore. So don't hesitate if you can afford it, make yourself happy. The negative point of fashion is that everyone gives it credit year after year even if it is often unconscious and far from vital. It can strongly impact the personality of a person by removing a certain discomfort. Yes! When you are fashionable, you are stylish and you like it! But do you really need it ?

Then it's simple, we listen to our needs !