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What is an oversized t-shirt ?

The oversize t-shirt is an anglicism meaning an oversized t-shirt, it goes against the fashion of slim-fitting t-shirts, which are meant to be worn close to the body. The oversize t-shirt is therefore a loose t-shirt that gives the impression of wearing a t-shirt that is one or two sizes larger than the one you are wearing. The garment floats and can be very long in addition to wide, even covering the buttocks. The aim is to be able to hide one's shape and wear comfortable clothes. Over time, oversized clothing has become a new urban fashion trend and contrasts with classic styles. 

How to dress in oversize ?

Oversize is worn by both men and women, it is a mixed fashion style. Generally, when we talk about oversize, we are talking about upper body clothing. In order to make the outfit stand out, we try to create a contrast effect. Therefore, with an oversized top, you'll wear slim-fitting clothes, like skinny jeans. Then in terms of colour, limit yourself to two or three maximum, by its shape, the oversize style stands out enough that you don't need to do it with colours, so it's not uncommon to see many of these outfits with white to limit the different colours. 

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

What style of clothing to wear in oversize ?

The oversize style offers you the advantage of being extremely free in the choice of the piece that you can wear wide. It can be your t-shirt, jumper, blazer or trousers. Another option is to wear it "hidden" under one of your clothes and make it stand out to create a unique style, we think of the t-shirt that will stand out from under the jumper. We also remind you that this style comes from street wear, so you can be inspired by it to create your outfits. Some brands have dedicated streetwear ranges, so don't hesitate to go and check them out.

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