Looking for the latest streetwear fashion news on the Project X blog ? You are at the right place. Find in this page all the news around the world of street and urban culture. Here we focus on those who build the world of streetwear fashion by their influence. This can be artists, new fashion styles, series and many other themes. Streetwear has no limits of style or boundaries and at Project X we are always ready to keep you updated with the latest influential streetwear news from around the world.

What are the different articles for our streetwear news?  

You can find on this page a wide variety of articles about streetwear & urban culture news. It can be reports of influential artists at the time of the release of album, investigations and presentation, followed by the realization of clips and tours. But streetwear is not limited to musical artists.
In general, anything that can influence streetwear fashion is eligible to be presented to you, we don't limit ourselves. In addition to our interviews and investigations of artists' lives, we present you the different activities influencing streetwear fashion, their history until they meet their streetwear and the present and future impact of this collaboration.
Finally, you can find our expert advice in the world of streetwear so that you know what to watch to stay up to date.

The streetwear news of Project X

The other information you can find on this page concern the streetwear news of Project X. Sale dates, contests, future collaborations with brands or artists, we will keep you informed of all the events concerning the brand that might interest you. Be sure to get a trendy collection as with ourstreetwear capsule collections and be at the top of streetwear fashion.  

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