When you want to look trendy and comfortable, the cargo pants is for you. These mythical pants, dating from 1938, were used by British soldiers. These pants are easily recognizable with their two emblematic side pockets. The years have gone by and these pants are now prized by all and sundry. 

Cargo pants in their early days

Cargo pants first appeared in the British Army in 1938, when they were part of the uniform worn by soldiers. Before the Second World War, the model was not exactly as we know it today. They were straight-legged, with pockets in different places. These were either lower or higher, depending on the model. The cargo pants was also used by American paratroopers in 1938, with its large pockets, it was practical because it allowed soldiers to store more equipment (grenades, magazines, maps...). 

Cargo pants through the ages

These pants have been worn through the ages, and haven't aged a bit. The famous Indiana Jones, known as Henry Walton Jones Jr, wore them on every one of his adventures around the globe. Visit men's cargo pants really came into vogue in the 1990s. This style was initially spread by urban hip-hop artists. Following this trend, the famous pants appeared in every corner of the globe, with every retailer stocking men's cargo models and women's trousers. women's cargo pants.

Over time, the pants cargo has evolved and been derived in many different ways, it is now possible to find cargo shorts and even cargo jogging.

Men's cargo pants: impeccable style

Now you don't have to worry about looking comfortable and dressed up. The men's model of cargo pants can be combined with a wide range of garments to give you impeccable style. As you probably know, these bottoms can be worn wide so that you feel comfortable inside. The colors of cargo pants are mainly dark green, navy blue or beige. You can pair them with white or black shoes to contrast with your bottoms. For the top, you're pretty much free to choose: these pants are all-purpose and can go with any pattern, just be careful not to mix too many different colors.

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