We already told you about him last year. We even put him on our list of rappers to watch in 2022, and to say the least, Uzi didn't disappoint. He even managed to surprise when he was expected to. And since he sent a lot of power to Project X Paris, we had to take a look back at this crazy year.

An album full of surprises

We left Uzi in 2021, after an eventful year that saw him explode into the public eye with his single "A la fête", which went viral. His rapid success even led to an invitation to the "Classico Organisé" party. But there were also questions: would he succeed in confirming his success? Because when you get that many views on a single track, you can quickly be labelled, and that can also encourage you to keep reusing the same recipe over and over again, just to keep things going. This has obviously not been the case with the rapper from 77, who has worked to diversify his artistic palette and show the public that he can do many things. He proved it with his second solo album, "Meilleur qu'hier". It's a 17-track project with a host of guest stars and a wide range of moods. We're obviously obliged to mention his feat with Booba, "Trophée", featured on the album. Uzi managed to get the Duke on his project, which isn't something just anyone can do. What's more, he went to the trouble of rapping without autotune, which has become a rarity on his part of late.

But he also invited Soolking, OBOY, ISK, Timal and Lynda. Overall, the project remains very much focused on melody, one of the rapper's trademarks since his early days. The prods are finely crafted, with beautiful, often clear notes, in both the more upbeat and the more melancholy tracks. The melancholy is just as present as on his first album, so fans won't be disappointed. In short, Uzi stays true to his music without trying to reproduce the same recipe as on his debut. A fine risk-taking on the part of the artist, and one that has paid off. Of course, the background is still very much rooted in street, the rivalry, the jealousy, the illegal business, but also the determination and desire to succeed that he has seen everywhere in his home town of Noisiel. Inevitably, risk-taking means sales won't be as staggering as in the past, but that's still more than enough for him to be satisfied with his second project.

Uzi on all terrains

C'est d'autant plus satisfaisant que plus ça va, plus le rappeur est validé par ses collègues du rap game. La reconnaissance du milieu est très importante pour un artiste et il est vraiment validé par ses pairs. La preuve, le grand nombre de feats et de collabs qu'Uzi a pu faire pendant toute cette année. Sur son album, dans le « Classico Organisé », mais il a également été invité sur les projets de plein d'autres artistes : notamment la célèbre Kayna Samet. Une chanteuse culte dans la musique urbaine en France, on se rappelle notamment de son feat avec Booba (encore lui), « Destinée », en 2022. Encore une grande personnalité du game qui valide le jeune rappeur donc, qui semble aussi mettre d'accord les anciens, ce qui là encore n'est pas donné à tous les nouveaux artistes. Il a également sorti tout récemment une autre collab originale avec une très bonne rappeuse, Doria. 

The freestyle is called "Changer", and the video was shot from the front of a car, with a black-and-white filter that adds a lot of intensity. What's even more original is the mode of distribution: the video was broadcast exclusively on TikTok and Instagram, where it was a hit. Finally, Uzi's other big collab was a featuring with Bosh, who has become a true FR rap star since his acclaimed role in the series "Validé", where he plays a very brutal and aggressive character. But for their featuring, called "Militaire", Uzi successfully took Bosh into a musical universe rather outside his comfort zone. The result is a melodious track, which you can listen to on the "Redvolution vol.1" compilation, released at the end of October. By the way, at the rate Uzi has been making appearances in recent weeks, it wouldn't be surprising to see him announce something, perhaps for 2023, who knows? Stay tuned!

The Uzi & PXP collab

While we wait to find out more, we'll also take a look back at the collaboration between Uzi and Project X Paris. A collab' whose pieces remain as relevant as ever, like his checkered ensemble, which always looks incredible. A checkered overshirt with black and white and pants in the same colors, all worn with a white hoodie and a pair of glasses, the rapper has a crazy style, with an outfit that may seem difficult to wear at first glance. But the rapper isn't afraid of extravagant pieces or flashy styles, he dares, and you know us at PXP, we love it. A futuristic tie-and-dye version of Signature tracksuit and hoodie, which he slips on while enjoying a bowl of cereal, the rapper loves a good thing, and we love his attitude and energy.

As with all street adventurers, we can sense that Uzi has a slight preference for our hoodies, whether they be fairly classic versions, like the black sweatshirt signature. Or the red " Project X Paris Crew" hoodie, one of our recent success stories. Or hoodies with much more avant-garde designs, like the model from the "Graffiti" capsule, in red and white. In short, we invite you to see the whole shoot again, because we really did take some beautiful photos, in this luxurious mansion hidden away in the heart of Paris. We're obviously keen to repeat the experience with Uzi, and we wish him all the best for 2023, which is sure to be an exciting year for him!