You've been waiting for it, and now it's here! Project X Paris has set up shop in Belgium, opening not 1 but 6 new stores!

Because urban fashion knows no borders, we've moved to Belgium to open 6 stores. A country with a strong character and a well-represented culture, something tells us we'll have no trouble making our mark!

Indeed, PXP and Belgium have a lot in common. First and foremost, their love of rap. With Damso, Hamza, Shay or Fresh, the big winner of New School season 1, a rap competition in which artists improvise freestyles in battle, the musical genre is widely represented in this country.

What's more, urban and underground culture abounds. In fact, Brussels is one of the most popular tourist destinations for street art enthusiasts. Bonom, Denis Meyers, Parole, Defo 84, Oli-Bmais and Jef Aérosol... these renowned street artists have left their mark all over the city, which not only encourages this style of art by promoting it, but also by inviting international artists to come and graffiti on the city's walls, which are specially made available.

A presence throughout the Benelux

No wonder the Belgians were waiting impatiently for us, and vice versa! And because we wanted to live up to their expectations, we opened the largest Project X Paris store in Brussels. Right in the heart of this bubbling, astonishing capital, this flagship store brings together all your favorite pieces, spread over two levels! Other stores can be found in the Cora shopping centers of La Louvière, Chatelineau, Anderlecht and Hornu, to name but a few. In addition to setting up stores for its customers, PXP has decided to establish a branch to promote the brand throughout the Benelux to professional customers! Because, as you may have guessed, PXP intends to expand its aura even further. With over 60 exclusive stores and 1,500 retail outlets (Sport 2000, Foot Locker) in 6 countries, our brand hopes to continue attracting customers far beyond its borders.

A dazzling breakthrough

It's off to a good start, since PXP is the name on the lips of every street wear addict at the moment. In just a few years the Project X Paris adventure has turned into a veritable phenomenon. This family adventure started in 2015 by Jimmy and Maxime Gov, two brothers with a passion for design, has today become a must-have brand with great ambitions and strong growth. In fact, the company is currently one of Europe's fastest-growing companies, according to the Financial Times. It's been a wonderful adventure for our brand, which has won over both the younger and older generations looking for original, comfortable and trendy looks, as well as premium materials at affordable prices.

The hoodie, a symbol

Among the pieces that have made the Parisian brand so successful, the essentials hoodie available in a range of colors. A simple piece that everyone can adapt to their look and mood.

For the more adventurous, you can wear it with pintuck pants and loafers, or with a close-fitting skirt and pumps. For a more comfy look, pair with jogging bottoms in the same color and sneakers for a polished total look. Finally, for a 100% urban look, wear with jeans or a pair of cargo pants.

Over the years, PXP has not hesitated to make proposals that everyone loves: casual, classic, techwear or completely offbeat pieces, there's something for everyone. PXP doesn't hesitate to pull out all the stops and offer highly original pieces. One of the keys to PXP's success is to take essential pieces such as jeans and give them an urban, 100% PXP DNA. We're thinking in particular of the Mirror Denim which was a real hit! For the occasion, the brand had decided to combine two of its flagship streetwear models, the survet and the jean, to create a brand-new piece that incorporated the codes of both. A crazy idea that cleverly blended chic and street. As a result, men's and women's jogging bottoms were adorned with two side pockets in blue denim, while unisex T-shirts featured an attractive denim pocket on the front. Since its inception, our brand has created a number of must-haves that have become best sellers, such as the oversized women's coat! A must-have!

Women's streetwear takes center stage

PXP is also the story of a brand that has succeeded in democratizing street outfits in women's fashion. Always ready to listen, PXP was quick to understand that women wanted streetwear clothing and were tired of having to hijack their boyfriends'. A wait that wasn't in vain for long, as since 2018 we've been offering an entire collection dedicated to women. Dresses, pants, crop tops, shorts, jogging suits... the PXP wardrobe is made up of both very feminine pieces and gender-neutral models that also come in men's versions. Ideal for stylish days out with your better half! On to take highly Instagrammable photos. As you can see, since the first hoodie, which has become a timeless staple, there has been one success after another, and the pieces have become increasingly popular. PXP is now a must-have brand on the street wear scene! In fact, our wardrobe includes over 3,000 items, all designed in our French design studio.

Collaborations that work

A brand brimming with inventiveness and creativity, it's hardly surprising that it has won over some of the biggest names on the French rap scene, as well as top athletes and pop culture icons like the manga One Piece. Their way of life fits perfectly with ours! Orelsan, Ninho, Wejdene, Chris Brown, Rim'K, Timal, Akon, Bosh, Gradur, Ronisia... To date, there have been over 70 collaborations! PXP is also keen to showcase emerging talents who are brimming with talent.

Number 1 in streetwear

PXP proudly displays its blend of culture, fashion and urban spirit on its successful social networks (Tik Tok and Instagram). Its core target, 16-30 year-olds, follow their favorite brand en masse (over 265,000 followers on Instagram!), posting their latest news, well-thought-out look ideas and showcasing their latest collabs. All in a well-mastered universe that reflects the brand's codes and street DNA!

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