Spring is just around the corner, and with it the desire to part with the bombers, parkas and other coats we've been curled up in all winter. To celebrate the arrival of spring in style, PXP has released a brand new collection, California Vibes, that smells of sunshine. We're off to discover the fluid, lightweight fabrics, soft colors and floral patterns that will bring a very Californian touch to your wardrobe.

We say yes to the West Coast way of life!

Californian style draws its inspiration from the magnetic city of Los Angeles. Colors, heat, palm trees... a smell of warm sand and toes-in-the-water parties. Just the thought of it makes you want to chill!

Emblematic of the laid-back, sun-drenched vibe of the U.S. West Coast, California Vibes embodies a unique blend of laid-back elegance and beachwear inspiration. Its origins can be traced back to the emergence of surf culture in the 1950s, when Californian beaches became a favorite playground for surfers, conveying a carefree, laid-back lifestyle that captured the imagination of the world. Over the decades, Californian style has evolved to include a multitude of cultural influences and fashion trends, while remaining true to its trademark laid-back, sunny roots. In the decades that followed, cultural movements such as hippie and punk also helped shape California style, introducing bohemian and rebellious elements into the fashion so typical of the American West Coast. 

Today, Californian style continues to evolve, incorporating influences from streetwear, minimalism and haute couture, while remaining true to its laid-back, sunny roots.

California Vibes is all about that: a blend of the best in stylish, comfortable outfits with soft colors and patterns reminiscent of the palm trees that line the coast. A style that fits perfectly with what we always offer you at Project X Parisoriginal, comfortable and terribly stylish outfits. So what better way to make the perfect transition from winter to spring than with our brand-new California Vibes collection? After a long, hard winter, we too are in the mood for a wardrobe change, opting for ultra-comfortable clothes that evoke the West Coast way of life!

California Vibes

Our brand-new collection, California Vibes, was inspired by this lifestyle that breathes a breath of freedom. Comfortable garments for freedom of movement, soft colors that smell like spring and floral motifs that recall the palm tree lanes that line the West Coast. Our palm tee, with discreet signature embroidery backed by a palm tree on the front and a palm print on the back, will upgrade your wardrobe. Wear with pants cargowith ultra-practical side pockets and a pair of colorful sneakers. For days that are still a little chilly, we've got a hoodie inspired by the world of palm trees. This streamlined hoodie features a snap detail at the neckline. For a smart look, look no further than the basic pocket shirt. A must-have in your new wardrobe, this piece goes equally well with jeans or straight Shorts. And because every detail counts, it's discreetly signed PXP on the shoulder. It's one of our favorite pieces of the season, so it's no surprise that it's already such a hit! Like all styles, Californian style has its codes. And accessories play a major role. For a polished look, opt for baseball caps, sporty sunglasses and canvas backpacks.

A Californian look

Dare to assert yourself and take responsibility for it - that, ladies, could be your mantra for the coming months. Indeed, in L.A., women are daring and experimenting with sunnies that will make you jealous! If you, too, would like to adopt the California Vibes, opt for sexy sporty. Who says women can't wear comfortable clothes that highlight their assets? Take a look at Shorts like the ribbed Shorts with printed elastic, to be paired with a matching bra, or a biker short with an oversized t-shirt. Looking for lightness? Opt for light, flowing dresses with floral motifs, tropical prints or seaside appeal, such as the ecume dress in lilac and beige, or the basic gradient dresses. Dresses are an ideal choice for summer, as they are comfortable, elegant and easy to wear. On your feet, slip into comfortable sneakers or chic hippie sandals. Loosen your hair and attach barrettes for a bohemian style, or wear a cap for a surfer look. Play up layering with pieces such as light knit cardigans, denim jackets or kimonos to cover a crop top. For bottoms, opt for jeans skinnies, denim Shorts or maxi skirts for a casual-chic look. Choose cuts and styles that flatter your figure and make you feel comfortable. Accessorize with summery jewelry, like bracelets to slip around your ankles. It's guaranteed to make an impact!

What's on your mind? Would you like to adopt an American style?