Workwear is one of the most notable streetwear trends of recent years. Originally designed to meet the needs of manual laborers, this style has evolved to gradually establish itself on the fashion scene.

The foundations of style

Workwear was all the rage in the 70s, but its origins lie in the industrial era of the 19th century, when durability and practicality took precedence over style. Garments were designed to withstand the rigors of manual labor, while offering comfort and protection to those who wore them. Robust materials such as denim, canvas and cotton were favored for their strength and longevity. Utilitarian details such as functional pockets, knee reinforcements and reinforced seams were all essential features of these workers' garments. While workwear is often associated with North American lumberjacks, the Japanese also made their contribution. Known as "boro" or "boro-inspired", this influence, which historically refers to worn and reclaimed recycled textiles, is traditionally used by the working classes in Japan. More recently, this style has evolved to become a fashion staple. The practice gives garments a unique, authentic look. Today's workwear look is a perfect blend of these two influences, combining Japanese finesse with American ruggedness.

From log cabins to European podiums

In recent years, this style has been widely adopted by fashion designers, who have taken up its key codes. Inspired by the authentic, rustic aesthetic of the American worker, fashion designers began incorporating elements of workwear into their collections, giving birth to a new interpretation of the style. Iconic brands such as Levi's, Carhartt and Dickies helped popularize the workwear look, offering clothing that was both functional and stylish. Today, workwear is increasingly popular, both on the catwalk and on the street. Fans of this style are looking for timeless, versatile pieces that combine quality, comfort and aesthetics. Checked shirts, denim jackets , pants cargo and work boots are all key elements of the workwear wardrobe, offering a casual yet sophisticated look. 

A successful collection

At PXP, this is no exception: our collection is a real hit. In order to offer you a collection that meets your expectations, we've come up with well-calibrated outfits. Sober colors, massive pockets, thick fabrics... it's all there! For bottoms, we opt for pants like cargo, Bermuda Shorts with large side pockets or multi-pocket pants. For tops, shirts are often the order of the day, as they are easy to put on and can be adjusted to fit all bottoms. With large chest pockets, it can be worn as a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, or even as an overshirt... ideal with spring just around the corner! The tee-shirt will also have its place in this look. Basic but not no-look, we choose it with a stylish detail like the pocket tee. More generally, for a well-mastered workwear style, we'll opt for garments that have retained their utilitarian, practical and authentic look, and combine them with more contemporary cuts that suit everyone. Simple, discreet accessories complete the look. Caps, canvas belts and sturdy watches are the perfect match. When it comes to footwear, you can be tempted by sneakers for a very up-to-date version of this style, or by boots that are a little massive.

Inclusive clothing

As you know, at PXP the spirit of solidarity runs through our veins. That's why we design clothes that fit everyone, without exception. The workwear style embodies these values, promoting a certain spirit of camaraderie and solidarity. By wearing clothes that pay tribute to manual workers, we honor their contribution to our society and their legacy of hard work. Workwear transcends socio-economic and cultural boundaries, bringing people from all walks of life together around the same aesthetic and philosophy of life. The aim of workwear? To offer a wide choice of quality clothing for everyone. Our outfits aim to ensure that clothing is suitable for a variety of body shapes, sizes and individual needs. For PXP, inclusivity means catering to the diverse physical characteristics and needs of everyone, without excluding specific groups of people. By adopting inclusive cuts and clothing styles, workwear style can accommodate a variety of morphologies, ensuring that everyone can find clothes that fit well and are adapted to their Bodies. It's a virtuous circle: inclusive clothing promotes the confidence and comfort of its wearers. By offering styles that showcase bodily diversity, workwear style can help boost people's self-confidence and well-being. And that's what we want at PXP!

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