Women's Bodies

The bodysuit has entered for a few years in an unavoidable fashion effect. For women, it is often associated with clothes of a rather sexy range. And it is the case! Find in our online store your next bodysuit signed Project X Paris.
The first bodysuit was worn in the 1950s by the American pin-up Bettie Page. It was then worn for decades by the Bunny Girls in reference to the Playboy mascot. Now it can be worn in different styles: sportswear, streetwear, casual and many others. You just have to make it your own.

Today, the bodysuit has become the new top that makes the woman sexy and classy. Project X Paris now offers its own range of bodysuits to combine femininity and streetwear. With a 100% feminine silhouette, it refines and marks the waist for a sexy and trendy look. Innovate by creating your own PXP look. Don't wait any longer to be on the cutting edge of fashion and mix your style with a bodysuit with Project X Paris!

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