After several collaborations with British and American artists, here we are with the number 1 Hispanic artist: Omar Montes. Singer, sportsman...


Omar Montes is one of the biggest stars of the moment. At 35, he's already had a long career, starting in boxing, where he was crowned Spanish champion in his category, with 100 victories to his name. He then moved into music, in 2015 with his first single, "Mentiras", before quickly stringing together several TV shows in the months that followed. Before concentrating again on music, with the release of numerous singles, clips and featurings, notably with big stars like Farruko, but also two albums... A complete artist and sportsman who has already had a thousand lives!


Over the last 30 years, streetwear and urban music have really exploded around the world. Omar Montes represents urban culture in Spain, and his career is an aspiration to succeed!


His main credo is obviously reggaeton, with occasional funk tendencies, but the singer hasn't forgotten Spanish traditions, with gypsy-inspired tracks like "Patio de la Carcel" featuring Puerto Rican star Farruko. For the time being, his biggest hits are reggaeton favourites such as "Alocao" and "La rubia remix". In his two albums, "La Vida Martir" and "Quejios de un Maleante", he explores all these universes, with a success that is on the cards since he already has several singles certified two or three times platinum. 

Omar Montes x PXP

Far from being a novice when it comes to posing, Omar Montes is fearless: in the ring for years, winner of the Spanish version of "Survivor".

Our first set refers to his passion for boxing: Omar wears our new JO2K24 capsule to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Games in France. On the menu are pieces from the PxP sportswear collection.

The red ensemble with embroidered stripe t-shirt on the shoulders and Shorts gives a very sporty look.


Then it's off to another familiar environment for Omar Montes, this time the recording studio, where he poses behind the microphone and next to his sound engineer, also dressed as PXP in our best-seller hoodie Heart Breaker. In a warmer setting than the coldness of the ring, Omar opted for a chill outfit, a little looser too. A straight-cut, multi-pocket cargo accompanied by our Graphic Gaze print shirt from our Urban Explorer capsule, the extravagant touch. The final touch: the cap, with this patterned shirt that's an emblematic piece of reggaeton music videos!


Finally, for the last part of the shoot, we decided to finish on a high note, with an outfit that will be validated by the most discerning streetwear connoisseurs, all in a setting that's bound to be street since the shoot was done on the street, amidst the buildings of his city. First, we have to talk about this crazy streetwear outfit, with a very wide cut for both jacket and pants. We're not sure that "oversize" is the right word to describe the cut of this outfit, but we won't tell you more, as the pieces haven't been released yet, although Omar Montes was obviously delighted to discover them exclusively.

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