The cargo pant, an iconic stocking from the 1930s worn by British soldiers. A pair of pants loved for their functional aspect, providing storage space and easy access to equipment. In the 1990s, the cargo pants became a fashion statement as they were pushed to the forefront by urban hip-hop artists. Over time, cargo pants have evolved and adapted to different fashions. Today we can find Shorts cargo, pants cargo stuck to the body or even pants cargo with more or less pockets depending on the model.


  1. What are cargo pants?
  1. A brief history of pants cargo
  1. Cargo Men or Women, why is it back in fashion?
  1. Which piece(s) to pair your pants with cargo?
  1. Which color for your pants cargo?
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What are cargo pants?

Like many of our wardrobe items, the cargo pant is a military-inspired garment. Initially, they were characterized by their loose, comfortable fit, although this has since evolved considerably. Very robust and durable, they generally feature one or more pockets, some of which are positioned quite low down on the legs.

As a military garment, the cargo for men or women stands out for its comfort and freedom of movement. It's equally suited to winter and summer. Although primarily an urban piece, it can also be used in the great outdoors, thanks in particular to its many pockets. Thegrowing popularity of the cargo pant has led to the creation of derivative garments, such as the cargo short.

A brief history of pants cargo

Like the bomber, for example, the cargo pant is a military-inspired piece. It was on the eve of the Second World War, in 1938, that these pants were democratized. They were first used by the British army. These pants met a number of mobility, comfort and flexibility requirements. The pockets were primarily designed for paratroopers, giving them quick access to certain items.

As is often the case with street clothing, it wasin the 1990s that the cargo pants for womenand men enjoyed a second wind. Hip Hop culture had largely appropriated these pants. From then on, they became a staple in both men's and women's wardrobes.

Cargo Men or Women, why is it back in fashion?

At a time when jeans and pants are not necessarily comfortable, the cargo men's or women' s pants stand out. This garment allows great freedom of movement, especially at the knee and in the joints more generally.

The versatility of look offered by cargo is also an undeniable quality of this garment. Even if it's stamped streetwear, it's a garment that remains rather neutral overall. So it can be worn with a multitude of styles: rock, rap, chic or even casual.

Ce fort degré de personnalisation en fait une pièce indémodable. Mieux encore, pour beaucoup, le cargo devient de plus en plus un basique. 

Résumer le cargo en 3 mots ? Polyvalent, pratique et confortable. 

Which piece(s) to pair your pants with cargo?

As seen above, the cargo pantis a garment with very high combination potential. Like many pants, you should first consider whether you want a cargo slim or wider. This is an important point, because with their two side pockets, the gain in volume can be unsightly if the cut is poorly chosen. Modern cargo pants can be paired with a suit jacket, for example. Or pair them with a leather jacket for a rock look. Piece also streetwear, it goes very well with a plain t-shirt, a hooded sweater or even a casual shirt.

Enfin, le style workwear est particulièrement bien adapté aux pantalons cargos. 

Which color for your pants cargo?

Unsurprisingly, the first cargo pants were rather dull in terms of color. To promote camouflage, they were mainly green / khaki. Today, the range has expanded considerably, and a vast choice of colors is available:

- Beige for a casual or chic look

- Black

- Jean style

Bien entendu il existe bien d’autres coloris, nous vous conseillons d’abord de réfléchir à votre style et avec quel type de pièces vous souhaitez marier votre pantalon. Le choix de la couleur est une complète affaire de gouts, les faux pas y sont rares. Vous êtes donc libre de marier comme bon vous semble votre cargo en terme de coloris. 

Pants cargo can be worn by everyone, but they are more suited to certain body types. The cargo pants will increase the volume of your thighs. We 're now going to talk about the different body shapes that can be perfectly combined with the cargo pants. V-shaped morphologies will love the cargo pants, which will rebalance the silhouette. The cargo pant can also be combined with a loose-fitting top, such as a sweater. Whatever your morphology, this mix will make for a perfect blend, especially if you have pants cargo that have a complementary color with your top.

The cargo men's pants are a type of pants that were used in wartime. These outfits were used by military paratroopers. Pants with these large pockets enabled them to store a large number of items such as ammunition, grenades, provisions... As a result, cargo men's pants feature large pockets on the lateral sides. If you're going for military style, go for a pair of pants cargo with close-fitting pockets for your gear. If you're looking for a more urban style, we recommend discreet, lightly-laden side pockets to keep your pants close to the body.

Women's cargo and men'scargo are not very difficult to choose. For shorter women, we recommend cargo straight-cut pants with few pockets. This will give her cargo pants a nice silhouette. For cargo men, there's no need to ask too many questions, as cargo pants can be combined with a wide range of tops and shoes. A man'scargo can easily be mixed and matched with any tee-shirt, sweater, hoodie, shoe or jacket. The cargos pants can be worn either close-fitting or loose-fitting, and it's this aspect that makes them so easy to match with your other favorite clothes.

The cargo pant is a military pant that can be worn with a wide range of outfits. As is often the case, we recommend white sneakers, which can be matched with cargo in any color. We also recommend high-top shoes to match your cargo pant. As forthe top of your outfit, we advise women to wear their cargo pant with a plain-colored tee-shirt and a jacket. For men, we recommend wearing your cargo pants with a hoodie, or with a white tee-shirt and jacket, to bring out the color of your cargo pants.

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