Popular for its comfort and casual look, the sweater is the ideal basic piece to wear when you're looking for an outfit idea. But when you're into fashion streetwear how can you look good with your other half, without getting in over your head? That's where the matching sweatshirt comes in.

A couple's sweater that can be worn as a duo

There are few outfits you can wear at the same time as the person you love, even if a sweater is shared. The advantage of a couple' s sweater is that it can be worn by both partners, allowing you to show your affection while still looking harmonious.

If you're looking for a gift idea, opt for a couple's sweatshirt: it can be worn for outings for two or solo, the main thing being that it connects the two partners, whether they're together or apart.

Numerous brands streetwear have seized on the phenomenon, offering comfortable, casual sweatshirts for couples.

A unisex sweatshirt everyone can wear

In the end, you'll have understood, a sweater for couples is a unisex sweater: no need to try to match a Women's sweater with a man's!

It's a sweater that can be worn by both men and women, with identical colors, patterns or embroidery, fabrics and cuts for both sexes. It adapts to all body shapes and is generally straight, loose-fitting or oversized.

There's bound to be a sweater for you and your partner: but how do you make the right choice?

How to choose a matching sweater?

To choose the right matching sweatshirt, first select the same sweatshirt.

Then it's a question of common sense: first and foremost, you need to choose a sweater that suits your style, that you like and that you and your partner feel comfortable wearing. 

The simplest thing would be to opt for a minimalist sweater: plain, two-tone or with a few light embroideries or patterns. And it's just the thing, because at Project x Paris, a brand that has specialized in streetwear since 2015, we offer a wide choice of matching sweatshirts for couples.

Start with colors that suit you: if your partner doesn't like yellow or finds that a color doesn't suit his or her complexion, find a compromise by starting with another color.

Choose a loose-fitting or oversized cut that matches your body shape, while contrasting with Shorts, skinny jeans or cargo to stand out from the crowd.

For embroidery and motifs, there are heart sweatshirts, flower sweatshirts or essentials sweatshirts with the logo of your favourite brand. streetwear brand. For style without headaches, opt for a trendy tracksuit set to match your other half from head to toe.