Autrefois, réservé aux hommes la mode streetwear a su séduire les femmes en quête d’un look confortable, stylé et urbain. Les marques comme Project X Paris ont répondu largement présent à leur demande en leur dédiant des collections entières et en détournant des pièces du vestiaire féminin classique pour leur donner un look plus cool. Une mode tellement bien ancrée dans le mode de vie féminin, que désormais ce sont elles qui influencent le monde du streetwear ! 

A benchmark in recent years, fashionstreetwear is everywhere. Literature, cinema, video games... Nothing escapes this onslaught, and even the biggest names in fashion have adopted it. While streetwear used to be synonymous with "bad guys", today everyone has a piece in their closet from this urban-casual culture. Emerging in the '90s, this fashion has made the most of a culture that grew up on the streets, drawing on the codes of hip-hop, skateboarding, surfing and basketball. While oversized t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms and hoodies are still staples, today this style has gained in maturity and offers ultra-looky outfits that can be combined with more classic pieces. More than a fashion phenomenon, it's a lifestyle that young and old alike can embrace. streetwear has infiltrated everything, and we can't do without it!

Dare to combine high heels and hoodies!

Once the exclusive preserve of men, streetwear fashion has gradually won over women, who have feminized it and adapted it to their lifestyles. Democratized by R&B singers such as Aaliyah and TLC, and rappers like Lil Kim and Missy Elliott, who were seen singing and dancing in crop tops and baggys in their now legendary videos, streetwear gradually opened up to women. A few years later, the craze for women's streetwear has not run out of steam - on the contrary. It has infiltrated all social classes and styles. In fact, it's no longer a style sin to wear high heels with a hoodie! The major brands have pulled out all the stops to seduce women with stylish, comfortable clothes they can wear on any occasion. Sexy dresses to pair with sneakers, crop tops over jeans cargo, peach-skin tracksuits inspired by the 90s... Whether they're going to work, shopping or just chilling out, they're bound to find an outfit that will make them fall in love.

A streetwear collection dedicated to women

From the outset, we've imagined a world entirely dedicated to women, helping them discover that it's possible to look sexy even in jogging suits! And there's something for everyone! At Project X Paris, we've put the accent on flared cuts and sexy curves, and don't hesitate to play with accessories like rhinestones and materials. Although this is a highly coded universe, it allows for freedom of association that has won over women who want to wear \"comfy at home\", casual or even chic and sexy! A well-crafted style that has not left indifferent singers like Wejdene, who set the networks on fire with her hit \"Anissa\", which has racked up 50 million views, or Ronisia, who exploded on TikTok and converted France to the \"Afro Trap\" musical style. Two young artists with strong characters and confirmed talent, who didn't hesitate to collaborate with PXP because we share the same values!

Unisex must-haves

Project X Paris n’a pas hésité non plus à dessiner une collection non-genrée dans laquelle hommes et femmes pourraient se retrouver. Désormais, plus la peine de piquer dans le vestiaire de son compagnon pour trouver des outfits confortables et « pur streetwear » avec des coupes amples et décontractées. 

Among the must-have items are tracksuit sets, such as the varsity model with its embroidered logo reminiscent of the 70s, or the iconic signature hoodie in a range of colors, round-neck sweatshirts, teddies and skinny pants, as well as accessories such as bobs or shoulder bags. So many different models to play with the \"couple goals\" trend, where couples coordinate in search of a matching set for perfect photos! So it's perfectly possible to go out dressed like your partner!

When women influence streetwear

Today, the trend is more balanced, and men are no longer the only ones dictating the rules of streetwear. Women have taken control of the trend and play an important role in what will or will not be tomorrow's fashion. Star influencers such as Aleali May and Melody Ehsani have collaborated with Nike to launch their own models exclusively for women. Redesigning iconic models such as the Air Jordan 1 Mid Fearless or the Air Jordan 14 Retro X Aleali May Fortune, they have sent fashionistas into a frenzy. A hit for the brand, which has clearly understood that women's streetwear has a bright future ahead of it! While it wasn't so long ago that men were excluded from certain pairs, sneaker brands are increasingly releasing exclusive models for women. Sometimes better thought-out, more stylish... Men are jealous of this renewed creativity dedicated exclusively to women!