The days of guest Women RnB singers singing choruses are over. In recent years, a new generation of Women artists is determined to show that they, too, can play a leading role in the urban music industry, while maintaining an image that is far less smooth and wise than in the past. Ronisia is part of this uncompromising generation, a multi-faceted young artist with a full CV.

An admirable career

Tout ne s'est pas fait dans la facilité pour les femmes dans la musique urbaine en France. S'il y a toujours eu des artistes féminines, même dans les débuts du rap français, leur place était souvent derrière, à l'ombre du succès et des médias. Insensibilisées, elles ont dû attendre Diam's pour qu'enfin l'une d'entre elle éclate au grand jour. Mais ce n'est que bien plus tard que l'industrie a acceptée qu'elles mettent en avant leur part de féminité, qu'elles puissent se servir de leur côté sexy comme une arme ou même qu'elles aient le droit de faire de l'egotrip dans leur musique, exercice assez arrogant longtemps réservé aux hommes. Heureusement, en 2022 les barrières semblent en train de voler en éclats et de nombreuses artistes s'engouffrent dans la brèche ouverte par Aya Nakamura, vers une musique décomplexée, naturelle, parfois très crue, parfois très girly. Ronisia fait partie de cette nouvelle génération, et c'est une de celles qui s'en sort le mieux avec une petite vingtaine de clips sur Youtube dépassant le million de vues, et de nombreuses certifications pour plusieurs singles. 

It's no coincidence that the young singer is doing so well. For a start, she comes from Grigny, a town well known in France for its working-class neighborhoods, from which many artists and top sportsmen and women hail. The 91 region as a whole is a veritable reservoir of talent, and a veritable artistic and cultural emulation has been taking place there for many years. Ronisia, of Cape Verdean origin, isn't even 23 yet, but she has a very solid CV and this year unveiled her first real solo album, soberly entitled "Ronisia". Although she officially made her musical debut in 2019, it was the following year that she made a name for herself with the success of her single "Atterrissage". A track that went viral in a very short time on social networks, notably TikTok, a challenge in tribute to the track was even top trending for quite a while. It's hard to follow up such a brutal success: people are waiting for you around the corner, and you can quickly fall into the trap of wanting to reproduce this successful formula. But the singer was quick to diversify and demonstrate her versatility.

Since her debut, featurings with the big names in French rap and music have multiplied, with Ninho, Tiakola, Joé Dwèt Filé, Dadju, Imen ES and many others. Embodying the persona of a determined young businesswoman with a charm that won't be distracted by the baseness of certain men, she has a very endearing "bad girl" side. She has also shown that she has mastered the codes of modern communication, with a well-stocked and regularly updated Instagram account. And after this first album, which is finally out, we hope to see her multiplying her collaborations in the near future. With her Afro-Caribbean melodies, Ronisia has incredible potential to take her music across borders, but mastering her image can also open unexpected doors.

The PXP & Ronisia collaboration

At Project X Paris, we have a soft spot for assertive personalities, as we've seen with our various collaborations. Our collaboration with Ronisia is no exception. But our work was made much easier by the singer's ease in front of the lens. A true professional model, she moves perfectly between very street and more elegant outfits, much to our delight. We spoke earlier of mastering one's image, and we're right in the middle of it, right from the very first outfit. The outfit, inspired by the "Patchwork" capsule, is dominated by the colors and textures of denim and jeans. Not an easy combo to pull off, but the singer pulled it off wonderfully, with a smile that would melt anyone's heart. Top: a blue denim yoke jacket, a denim jacket reworked by our designers. All worn over a white T-shirt with a discreet logo. At the bottom, a pair of pants that look like jeans but are in fact elastic, for greater ease, and here again we find the yokes and the denim style, all with a pretty pair of black sneakers.

After this highly original but effective first outfit, we focused a little more on the "Patchwork" capsule, aware that we could still tap into Ronisia's potential to sublimate the pieces. This was the case with this beige color-block shirt worn with a pretty white crop top, beige pants cargo, a pair of light sneakers this time, to better match the mood, and a baseball bat, which gives her a "Bad Girl" side already well exploited in some of her songs. With pieces that can be complicated to wear, the singer manages to give off a great deal, adapting perfectly to the outfit and the atmosphere, and this outfit is perhaps the most successful of the shoot.

Although the third is well worth the detour, because this time, the "bad girl" side of street is out, replaced by a much more girly, chic outfit. But even in a more classic outfit, Ronisia continues to amaze and seduce, this time with clothes that would be perfect for evening wear. In her black, bust-opening, form-fitting dress, the singer is sure to catch everyone's eye, with the curves of her silhouette enhanced by this tight-fitting side. A little touch of coquetry is essential: a black handbag with crocodile leather effect, and black sneakers to complete the ensemble with a truly successful effect. We're looking forward to seeing more of the same from the singer very soon, because as you've seen, she strikes a pose like no one else, and doesn't need to do much to make an outfit incredibly effective!