As part of our drive to become a major player in French rap, Project X Paris has offered its services to Kodes and Rapi Sati to produce their new track, "J'aime Trop", and the accompanying video. A collaboration that is a strong symbol for our brand, with two artists who completely represent our identity.

Kodes, Rapi Sati and Project X Paris: like the fingers of one hand

We're obviously very proud to announce the news: PXP has worked hand in hand with Kodes and Rapi Sati to produce their latest featuring, as well as the Youtube clip that goes with it. The track is called "J'aime trop", but before we go any further about the title, we'd like to send a maximum of strength to the two rappers, whom we'll quickly introduce for the few who don't know them:

Rapi Sati

Rapi Sati is this hyper-energetic Parisian rapper, with several bangers that have gained notoriety on the networks. With his hyper street attitude and completely off-the-wall universe, it's hard not to be won over by what he has to offer.


Kodes needs no introduction: a member of Seven Binks and a rapper from Évry, his track record speaks for itself. But he's also an artist who's already collaborated with us on a few occasions, notably during a colorful shoot. So we're all the happier to be able to accompany him on this kind of project, as it marks our desire to collaborate more closely with French rap and become a major player in it.

After photo shoots with our favorite rappers, and competitions to discover the talents of tomorrow in partnership with Trace, it's now time for PXP to move up a gear, this time with the complete production of a track and video clip. The video will be released exclusively on the Project X Paris Youtube channel, while the sound is already available on streaming platforms such as Spotify. This collaboration with Kodes and Rapi Sati makes sense, because it's with two artists who represent our identity well street, popular, with a real creative energy on their part in their respective careers, just as we try to do through our many capsules. They have that craziness that we like to find in the artists we work with, and we thank them for the inspiring effect they've had on our work. We hope it will also show other artists that we can help them produce quality sound and video too.

For "J'aime trop", we had a lot of fun and gave free rein to our creativity, buoyed by the energy of Kodes and Rapi Sati. As you can see from the clip, the video was mainly shot in two locations: in the studio, with even a few sequences shot during the recordings, but also at the Aren'Ice ice rink, home to the Cergy-Pontoise Jokers field hockey team, who played along to the very end for the clip, offering us some great sequences to film. The ice rink setting might seem paradoxical given the track's rather warm ambience, but when you see the Jokers' involvement and energy on the rink, you really get the rhythmic, edgy side of the sound, which has all the makings of a party track. With an effective chorus, explicit lyrics, gimmicks that get stuck in your head, a great atmosphere street and, above all, a rhythm that's perfect for parties, this track could well be on the road next summer - that's all we hope for, anyway.

When Project X Paris dresses up a rap video

With this track and video, we're clearly putting part of our identity on the line. This is an important step for PXP, as the video is a showcase for what we can offer, so we wanted to involve the brand as much as possible in the creative process, at every level. Even in the text itself, since Rapi Sati makes a splendid dedication to us at the start of his verse, and we'd like to thank him profusely - it's quite something to hear the name of our brand in a verse. As for Kodes, there's no need for a dedication, he already sent us a huge force during last year's shoot, even if this time we find him in a completely different setting. It was an opportunity to get all the extras in the clip to don our best winter pieces, especially the down jackets. Quite a few, as you can see.

There are also a few lighter pieces, such as the signature logo t-shirt, worn very well by Kodes at the start of the video, in the middle of the ice, with his multi-pocket pants. cargo pants. Pants cargo which are well represented in the video, since apart from a few jogging bottoms Heart Breaker, almost all the extras were dressed in cargos, our brand's best-selling products. It has to be said that these are pieces with which you can mix a lot of things! A special mention also goes to our broken-heart hoodie, which creates an ensemble with the jogging bottoms - an ensemble that Rapi Sati is seen wearing only fleetingly during certain moments in the studio. Not the most exuberant piece, but it's precisely this sobriety that we appreciate with this broken-heart ensemble, one of our current favorites.

We also had plenty to offer in the way of t-shirts, including three models Signature. An embroidered t-shirt with the signature logo on the left, our brand's historic model. Another model, a textured signature t-shirt, with an oversized cut and the Project X Paris logo in the center. And last but not least, a must-have: the signature Project X Paris embroidered tee shirt, with the super-thin logo in the center and a loose fit, perfect for the sunny days ahead. The inventory wouldn't be complete without a brand-new piece specially designed for the clip: the red field hockey jersey, featuring some of the colors of the Cergy Jokers, with a huge logo in the center of the torso in true sports/university style, worn with style and energy by Rapi Sati on the rink.

We'd obviously like to thank the Jokers and the Aren'Ice for welcoming us, but also the two rappers who gave us free rein on so many creative aspects, we had the time of our lives and it clearly makes you want to do it all over again as soon as possible. The fact that we've been validated by two rappers of this style reinforces the idea that we're on the right track, if we want to get involved in rap in an even more impactful way! What we really hope now is that you'll approve the track and the video too!