While PXP is all about streetwear and dressing up, no outfit is successful without the right fragrance. And just as well, sincePaco Rabannehas decided to work with us to provide you with samples of the newElixir One Millionwith your orders.

 Project X Paris

The democratization of perfume

The art of human perfumery goes back a long, long way, perhaps even to the very beginnings of civilization. Whether as an aid to hunting, to perfume oneself in the image of the gods in antiquity, or even simply to seduce and enhance oneself, perfume is everywhere. But it was obviously during the 20th century that perfume was democratized and became a veritable fashion accessory in its own right. The proof is in the bottles, which are still indispensable marketing tools today, and are always beautifully crafted. And if perfume has become so ubiquitous, so trendy, so accessible, it's thanks in part to Paco Rabanne. 

The Spanish couturier quickly became interested in perfume, in the 60s, and took advantage of the opportunity to team up with Puig, the monstrous Spanish company that worked with so many top brands. Together, they brought out the famous perfume "Calandre", followed by "Paco Rabanne pour Homme" in 1973, a mini-revolution. Today, the brand is one of the market leaders, with one success after another: XS, Invictus, Black XS, and finally One Million and Lady Million, the latest, with several variations each time. Today, we're particularly interested in the new Elixir One Million.

Get your sample with your order

The brand's latest product was launched very recently, and a major promotional campaign has been launched. It has to be said that Paco Rabanne's product is well thought-out, both in terms of design and content. In particular, we suggest you visit their website to read about how the Damascena Rose is hand-picked in Turkey. This meticulous workmanship is also reflected in the design of the bottles, which produce a highly successful "gold ingot" effect.

So it's easy to understand why the price of this product is a little higher, given its quality. But for those who hesitate, Paco Rabanne is in partnership withProject X Parisand that the brand has included samples in all your April orders! A way to test the perfume before you buy. And remember that today, perfume has become a real means of asserting one's identity, of leaving a trace in people's sensory memories, just like the rest of a streetwear outfit. So choose with care!

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