It's summer, the weather's nice and it's hot, and we want to take advantage of it to wear our best pieces, especially those that will make all the fashionistas talk. To be at the top of your look, 2 styles are essential among fashion garments: denim revisited and the Bandana print back in force! Project X Paris streetwear , France's number 1 denim brand, was not going to miss out on this trend, and is offering two new capsule collections, "Mirror Denim" and "Bandana", that are a must-have!

Qui n’a pas une pièce en jean dans son placard ? Avec un blazer, un tee-shirt oversize, une chemise, un body, des talons haut, des sneakers, il se look à toutes les sauces pour être tantôt stylé, classique, casual, ou encore urbain. Avoir un jean est donc un must. Inventé au tout début du XIXème siècle, il a connu une mutation lente et progressive. S’il était, à ses débuts l’apanage des cow boys américains, il a ensuite été adopté par des célébrités hollywoodiennes, des rockeurs, des rappeurs pour finir par s’installer durablement dans tous les dressings. A chacun son style mais jamais sans son jean ! 

Focus Mirror Denim

While the traditional jeans is easily recognizable by its indigo color and rivet pockets, PXP , the number 1 brand for jeans and streetwear tracksuits, has not hesitated to give it an "urban" twist. To do this, we decided to mix two of its flagship models from the streetwear universe, the tracksuit and the jeans, to create a brand new capsule that's completely crazy and unique, the Mirror Denim capsule. And what do you find? Men's and women's white and bi-material jogging bottoms with two side pockets in blue denim, echoing the codes of standard denim, but also a two-tone, bi-material hoodie, a white men's tee shirt with a denim pocket and a jacket echoing the same universe. A clever blend of chic and street that only Project X can pull off! For this new capsule, we didn't hesitate to break the codes of the genre either, offering the same tracksuit set to both men and women. This comfortable streetwear outfit is perfect for cool summer evenings, or for a casual, highly stylish daytime look.

Discover new jeans

Number 1 brand for jeansPXP offers an ever-growing range of new cuts for women and men. Jeans loose, jeans wide, jeans slim... There's something for every taste and body shape. For a very feminine urban look, opt for high-waisted jeans ripped at the front of the legs. Looking for a more chic jean? Take a look at jeans skinny jeans, which can be worn with high heels, sneakers or even flip-flops! As for men who want a street look, they'll opt for one of the new wide-cut models that can be paired with an oversized tee shirt, a hoodie and sneakers. The great thing about jeans is that they can be worn with absolutely everything. So democratized has denim become that it can be a neutral piece that can be overdone to avoid the dreaded "no look". For color therapy that smells like summer, treat yourself to some colorful men's T-shirts. For this, look to collections featuring rainbow logo motifs or Tie and Dye T-shirts. For women, we're playing with sexy tops like the halter crop tops by Project X Paris, now a staple in our collections!

The return of the bandana motif

Ideal for wearing with jeans, the bandana trend is back with a vengeance. This pocket scarf, tied around the neck or in the hair, has its origins in India. Adopted by cowboys to protect themselves from dust, it was later hijacked by Harley Davidson rockers and bikers, as well as by American ghetto gangs. In the 1950s, wearing a bandana was a sign of belonging to certain unsavory groups. Later still, the hippies made it a symbol of their community, democratized it and everyone snapped it up! You'll find it on the rock and hip-hop scenes alike. Although its use had almost completely disappeared in recent years, the most stylish summer wardrobes are now adorned with the coveted print!

Focus on the Bandana capsule

To play with this trend, we've created an eccentric capsule. Among the "hit" pieces to slip into your closet is the men's t-shirt with bandana motif, available in green or blue. For those who like to play with the total look, add Shorts or go for the hoodie with the same motifs and colors. For women, Project X Paris has come up with a beige hooded jacket featuring the motifs of the famous scarf, which can be accompanied by jogging bottoms in a fit line that's as stylish as it is comfortable! The cuts of the bandana capsule have been worked to spice up the old-school look of the motif and give them a very streetwear, PXP signature touch.

Want to mix and match? The pieces in the collection can be worn in small touches to upgrade a classic outfit, for example, or over loose-fitting jeans for a new cowboy look! And to play up this iconic print, reminiscent of the American Wild West and John Wayne films, Project X Paris shot its collection in an arid environment, surrounded by horses! Wild!