If Evry has become one of the most important cities in the French rap game, it also owes it to the Bâtiment 7 team. And within the team, some individualities stand out, like Bolémvn. A raw talent with multiple musical facets, and of course we love that at Project X Paris !

The melody in the skin

The success story of the whole Bâtiment 7 team is quite incredible. The story begins around 2015 in Evry, in the building number 7 of the city of Parc aux Lièvres in Evry, a big city of Essonne very cosmopolitan where the urban culture bubbles. It is then that Koba La D or Kodes begin to reveal their first songs to the public. As often in the French rap, the critics are at the beginning rather severe, in particular with Koba and its way of rapping so special, by playing on its intonations of voice. Today, the whole Bat 7 team united under the banner "Seven Binks" is clearly installed and identified in the rap, almost everyone has obtained certifications and they have a very important influence in the French Rap. It's not a coincidence, we feel that they worked a lot to get there. Like Bolémvn, for example, who has evolved well since his official solo debut in 2016, with the video for "Walter White". Basically, he shares with his team the same influences in rap, namely the new generation of trap, the one that comes after the Migos or Gucci Mane: Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and a whole bunch of other American artists who play a lot on the musicality. Whether it is in the instrus, or in the voices, it must sound different, that's what is important.

Bolemvn mastered the concept very quickly, not hesitating to use autotune but also with choices of instrus sometimes very original. But he also made more classic trap, more kicked, especially at the beginning, to show everyone that he could also rap hard. The rapper is really very versatile and today, he is as capable of rapping on a long verse on a trap instrumental, as singing a chorus on a few bars of drill and the fact of being at ease everywhere, it is not given to everyone. It is also the sign of a great musical sensitivity, which facilitates his adaptation because he quickly understands the codes in which he evolves and can quickly play with these codes. When you listen to his music today, as in his last two projects, "Anarchiste" and "Vol 169 Atterrissage", you quickly notice the place taken by African or Caribbean sounds, more rhythmic, warmer than those of trap or "classic" drill. This influence of African music on French rap is a unique aspect in the world. Where in the United States, rappers distanced themselves very early on from the music of their ancestors, in France the different communities keep a very strong link with the culture of their elders. 

From the intro of his latest album, "Vol 169 Atterrissage", we are put in the perfume: the music of Bolémvn does not only make you nod, it also makes you move. While keeping very street themes, very raw, which speak about stories of street, problems with the police or women with generous forms. Bolemvn remains more than ever a guy from the neighborhood, with his sharp humor, his communicative laugh and also his side charbonneur. 6 solo projects since 2018 for the rapper from 91, who also participated in the three collective projects of Seven Binks. He is also very present in interviews, because inevitably, with his frankness and humor, it makes him an excellent customer for the rap media. Another aspect which is not much put forward when we talk about Bolemvn, but which interests us a lot at Project X Paris: his way of working his image and that of his videos. All his last videos contain very strong visual elements, whether it is in his outfits, in the shots, the movements and the way they are choreographed, everything is very worked.

Bolemvn x PXP collab

The rapper never stops finding new outfits, new hairstyles, new styles in each of his videos, which has become a crucial aspect for today's rappers. There is no way to have the same outfit twice in two different videos, unless that outfit is legendary or signifies something special in the artist's universe. Where Bolemvn is strong is that he seems to be able to wear everything, especially the most streetwise pieces. That's why at Project X Paris we concocted a very "underground", very "dark" atmosphere for the shoot. With, as a guideline, this desire to cohabit elements that evoke desolation, ruin and others that evoke luxury or class. From the first outfit, we feel that we have something: a set from the capsule "Underground", with shorts and pink t-shirt, street art prints and reworked logos. We add a pair of white sneakers, socks of the same color and a Ford car which makes at the same time very vintage, and very "post-apocalypse" to the Mad Max, and that matches immediately. Same room, same atmosphere and same success with this time the two-tone "Relax" outfit in yellow and white, with a round neck sweatshirt + jogging bottoms in knitwear that hits the spot once again.

For the second part of the shoot, we changed the decor a little bit, but we kept the idea of a hangar in which you can find very classy things. Like a barber's chair, for example, which shines of thousand fires in the middle of the dark hangar. On it, Bolemvn is posing, sometimes in a very natural way, sometimes looking threatening, sometimes smiling. Here again, the outfits are very effective, with first a set composed of pieces from the "Comfort Wear" capsule, one of our most ambitious. Indeed, all the clothes of the capsule are textured in a way that reminds the corduroy, an old and very noble material that comes back in fashion. The Mao collar shirt and the textured pants in the same color are a real hit in the image. But the outfit in which he seems the most comfortable, the most natural, is perhaps the "Signature" outfit, timeless, which is part of our iconic pieces. A beige signature hoodie, signature jogging bottoms of the same color, and the trick is done with an outfit that is both quite classy, but also quite sober, in a desire to return to the basis of streetwear.

Finally, the last outfit is a little indiscretion on our part, about a capsule that will only be available in a few weeks. But we wanted to let Bolémvn test it so that he could tell us what he thinks about it. And judging by his reaction during the shoot, it looks like he really enjoyed it! Microphone in hand, in front of a big red canvas scattered with "PXP" tags, the rapper makes the show with this last outfit. We must say that the design is quite nice, really very successful: the set consists of a black round neck sweater and a black vest, with quite loose strokes, and doves printed everywhere, of different sizes. All with Project X Paris logos a little reworked, as you can see, especially in the back where the logo, with its specific typography, is surrounded by two birds. The visual effect is there, we hope you'll like it too. We obviously thank Bolémvn for this collab really successful, with a shooting of anthology which is one of our most successful this year !

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