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Men's jackets

You want a versatile jacket, perfect for mid-season with a marked urban style? Discover the collection of jackets for men from Project X Paris. Many styles and looks are to be found in the Project X Paris street fashion clothing catalog. Urban, military, hooded, denim, biker style, checkered jacket, quilted ... There is something for everyone.

The importance of the jacket for men

Finally, the cold temperatures of winter are leaving and giving way to the mid-season. The choice of the jacket is more complicated than it seems. Temperatures alternate between hot and cold and we don't know which foot to dance on. Therefore, the choice of the jacket is particularly decisive. Mid-season is also the time when we go outside and enjoy the good weather with friends or family. The choice of jacket must therefore be ideally adapted to temperature variations.

How to choose a jacket for men with Project X?

The range of jackets for men from Project X is perfectly adapted to the mid-season. The choice of jacket should be made according to two criteria: comfort and style. The quilted jackets are perfect when the temperatures are still slightly cool. The quilted side provides extra protection. Denim or bomber jackets stand out for their versatility. They are warm enough to offer real protection, but they can also be worn at the end of the day or evening, when it is slightly cooler. Plus, these jackets can be worn open. Hooded jackets accentuate the street side. The overshirts as for them, come back in force on the front of the scene. We love the stylish side coupled with the real comfort it offers.

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