Unisex clothing

Looking for comfortable, stylish outfits to create a casual, on-trend look? Discover our collections of unisex clothing to be worn regardless of gender, without having to look for specific men's clothing or women's clothing. From unisex set casual to unisex sweatshirt from comfy unisex tracksuits to streetwear cargo shirts, oversized t-shirts and sportswear sweaters. Comfortable 1 or 2-piece outfits that are easy to wear and combine!

Project x Paris offers you a selection of unisex clothing for fashion that transcends gender and breaks codes. Outfits to wear in all seasons, or especially in cold weather, such as black or colored parkas and oversized down jackets.

Unisex outfits, from tracksuits to cargo suits

We see them everywhere. On the catwalk, in magazines, on the street, in rap videos, in the stands of soccer stadiums or basketball courts. Unisex set has become mainstream: an outfit to wear or share with your better half, regardless of gender. A couple's set but not only: you can also wear it with your friends to chill out, go to class or out for the evening. In your streetwear shop online, we offer you sets of the following types unisex jogging suit or tracksuit, consisting of a jogging suit and sweatshirt, or a cargo kit cargo suit and streetwear t-shirt or sweater.

Unisex sweatshirts, plain, embroidered or patterned

If you prefer to mix and match outfits, instead of going for an ensemble, go for the unisex sweaters. Here again you have a wide choice of sweatshirts to shop, from oversize sweater from hoodies to zip-up sweatshirts. Our designers are inspired by the latest trends in urbanwear and fashion to bring you the best of the best. mixed sweaters available in many colors, cuts, plain, embroidered or patterned. Anyone can wear a pink sweater a beige sweater or a embroidered sweatshirt whatever your morphology and gender. Once you feel comfortable in your unisex garment, feel free to wear it to match your other half's look or your friends.

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