PXP continues its visit to the famous Bat 7, the building that has probably produced the most rappers in the history of French Rap. This time, it's Bolémvn who does us the honor of sending us some force, one of the Seven Binks team's biggest heavyweights, with an incredible shoot.

The musical touch in Building 7

French rap still hasn't recovered from the wind of fresh air that blew from the 91 into the rest of the game in the mid-2000s. Whether it's Ninho, Niska or PNL, it's fair to say that almost all the biggest rappers of recent years have a foot in Essonne? Is this a coincidence? Probably not, as the department has a truly atypical profile, with a mix of urban landscapes where all origins, African and Latin, come together, but also much greener and more isolated areas, closer to the image one might have of the countryside. It's this skilfully balanced mix that has delivered Rap FR an incredible number of talents, from Evry to Corbeil. One of the most talked-about teams was that of Bâtiment 7, the now-famous tower block in Évry's Parc aux Lièvres housing estate, from which emerged Koba La D, Kodes, Shotas and Bolémvn, one of the team's most prominent members. It's no coincidence: the rapper has a very atypical profile among the group, with a search for musicality in his flows and instrus that you don't necessarily find elsewhere.

It's this musicality that is the artist's strength, a sense of melody that he has acquired as his career has progressed. In his early days, like many of his Bat 7 pals, he had plenty of energy to spare and street stories to tell, as in the very first clip on his Youtube channel, "Walter White", a nod to the character in the famous Netflix series "Breaking Bad". Young Bolé's tracks also feature a wealth of Pop culture references, some of them well hidden, a point that makes him stand out from the crowd. Whether in interviews or in the tracks, you can feel that his universe is rich and that he has worked on every aspect of his craft as an artist, not hesitating to put himself on stage in the clips. Already a very strong kicker at a young age, he has gradually evolved to offer tracks that are sometimes much more danceable, and likely to reach a much wider audience than the aggressive trap practiced in Evry in those years. As with his buddy Koba La D, the experiment was quickly transformed, and although he has not yet achieved the same notoriety as Koba, today Bolémvn is one of the most influential rappers in the industry, with a very distinct identity.

Again, this is no coincidence, as the rapper has been a workaholic from the start. Over forty clips on his channel in less than 6 years, not to mention all the teamwork with Seven Binks, a group of highly productive artists. Bolemvn is on a high rhythm and you can tell he didn't want to let his chance go by, with 6 solo albums released since 2018, go figure. In fact, the latest, "Vol 169 atterrissage", was released just a few months ago. But this year he will also have participated in "Monument", the Seven Binks album released just a few days ago. With no time to rest, the rapper is determined to win it all. That's probably why he's such a good customer and willing interviewee, with his great sense of humor and outspokenness, even if it means creating some very funny or controversial situations. But Bolémvn doesn't mind, because he's genuine and doesn't play a character when he appears publicly or on the mic. He remains true to himself, and it's precisely this naturalness that's interesting.

Bolemvn & Project X Paris, it's a no-brainer

At PXP, we're not big fans of people who play to the stars or whose behavior changes in front of the camera, and that's just as well, because Bolémvn has no intention of playing a role. The tone is set with the first outfit from the Underground capsule: a pink ensemble with printed Shorts street art, and the matching oversized t-shirt, all worn with a pair of sneakers and white socks pulled up to the max, very much on trend with summer panoplies in recent years. All set against a crazy backdrop created by our designers at Project X, with a large hangar in front of an old-fashioned vehicle that looks like it's straight out of "Mad Max: Fury Road". The rapper maintains a reserved, rather mysterious attitude, which doesn't prevent him from striking a great pose. For the second part of the shoot, we kept the same location, with the same car, but a change of outfit: this time, we opted for the "Relax" style, recognizable by its mesh clothing and rather minimalist designs. This time, the artist donned a round-neck sweatshirt in yellow mesh, with a white stripe down the side. For the jogging bottoms, we obviously opted for the same color and texture for a successful overall effect.

By this time, Bolémvn was gradually starting to loosen up and feel more and more comfortable, and you could see it on his face. So it's time to move him on to something more avant-garde: the "ComfortWear" capsule. It's a bit in the same mood as the previous one, but this one goes much further, offering garments that are all in a "ribbed" style, like velvet pants worn in the old days. Now, this texture is back at the forefront of the trend, and the rapper wears it all beautifully: a khaki-colored ribbed shirt, with the double logo on the front, and the textured pants, in the same color, again with the double logo Project X Paris. Even when the most avant-garde streetwear garments are passed on to him, the artist doesn't hesitate, and in this slightly street hangar setting featuring a luxurious barber's chair, he continues to let loose, much to our delight. Then it's time for a new outfit, a little more classic this time but as effective as ever: the " Signature " outfit, from the collection of the same name. This is one of our biggest successes since the brand's debut in 2015. With a twist this time, as we decided to give it a hoodie signature + jogging bottoms signature in beige, which looks almost golden against the hangar lights.

Finally, the last outfit tried on during the shoot is a black ensemble consisting of a round-neck sweatshirt and sweatpants. White doves adorn the top and bottom, and there's also a new, reworked logo, with a slightly stylized font and some writing added underneath. At the top of the back, we find the " Project X Paris " logo written in a larger font, but with the same typography. Change of scenery for this last outfit, with a setting that could be that of a showcase or concert, but a very street version. We find Bolemvn at ease, microphone in hand, performing in front of a large red sheet dotted with "PXP" graffiti. He even picked up a can of spray paint to have a little fun himself. We had a great time with the rapper from Evry, and were really able to put together something original and stylish for this shoot, so we hope to do it again soon, wishing him all the best for the future!


If you'd like to find out more about our collaboration with Bolemvn, check out our article on the 7Binks rapper:


The Project X Paris brand was founded in 2015 by two French designers who wanted to combine the urban art of living with today's haute couture trends. Combining lifestyle and streetwear, the young brand has conquered major cities such as London and Dubai, and today continues to expand throughout France, with more and more boutiques.