Ninho, or the 91 prodigy.

Ninho is a young French rapper from Essonne. Still little known in the rap game, it's only in the space of a few months that the freestyler, backed by a loyal following, has seen his career explode. He has been composing since the age of 12, and has already released 3 mixtapes.

Ninho is the kind of hardcore rap you don't see anymore. Nobody saw it coming. With over 10 million views to his credit on YouTube, he's causing a sensation and creating a buzz.

All the ingredients are there: musicality, technique, attitude and lyrics.

A true prodigy from '91, Ninho is shaping up to be one of this autumn's French rap revelations. With his new mixtape M.I.L.S, featuring Niska, Leto and Sadek, he shows the extent of his talent.

A spokesman for the new generation, we met him in the Project X Paris showroom. To showcase his already well-established style, he chose a faded gray denim jacket paired with a black velvet hoodie for a bad boy Outfit.

See her outfit in pictures.