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Sweatshirts & Hoodies Men

Large choice of men's sweaters on the Project X Paris website. Enjoy it! Secure payment. Fast delivery. All the sweaters you are looking for are here!

What types of hoodies are available at Project X Paris?

We offer a wide selection of hooded sweatshirts mainly divided into three categories: hoodies, tracksuits and sweatshirts & jackets. The traditional hooded sweatshirt or hoodie is a casual garment that can be worn for any occasion, whether it's casual or classy. Sober and elegant, the unicolour models are available in many colours, but you can also opt for a more elaborate hoodie: bi-material, with a printed motif, etc.

Hoodies with a sporty look are less baggy and intended for street wear with jogging, for example. They are therefore recommended to keep a style during your sports activities, but can be worn as classic streetwear. Finally, jacket sweatshirts or blousons are warmer models or adapted to particular weather conditions (windproof for example), so that you can wear them as a jacket in all circumstances.


What is the history of the hoodie, the flagship garment of street culture?

The hoodie is often associated with sports culture, and for good reason: the hoodie was born in 1930 in the United States, where it was mainly worn by athletes or boxers, who received a lot of media attention. It gradually became part of urban culture, worn by workers or students who enriched it with logos and visuals symbolising their daily lives (neighbourhood number, university logo, etc.).

Little by little, hip-hop culture took hold of the hoodie and it became a must-have garment for many: skateboarders, rappers, graffiti artists and even big hip-hop stars. However, it wasn't until 1990 that the fashion industry took a full interest in the hoodie: famous designers and couturiers appropriated it and made it a truly iconic garment known to all.


How to wear a man's hoodie?

As a trendy and comfortable piece, the swag sweatshirt can be worn in a variety of ways. For a sportswear look, for example, you can combine it with a pair of properly fitted sweatpants that follow the line of the leg and white trainers. Be careful, however, to choose the right cut for your hoodie and accessorise your outfit well to avoid a gym look. For a casual-chic outfit, you can opt for a hoodie zipper to relax a formal outfit. If you prefer a more urban look, don't hesitate to combine your hoodie man with a pair of jeans and a leather perfecto.


Why choose a Project X Paris sweater?

At Project X Paris, your sportswear specialist, we offer a wide range of swag hoodie for men for a casual, chic or urban style. You will find on our website as well as in our shops a whole range of products available from size S to size XL with many colours and prints: black, grey, yellow, multicoloured, orange... Discover also our men's tracksuits: sweatshirts, t-shirts, jogging bottoms or jackets.

Born in the USA in the 1930s, the sweatshirt or "hoodie" was initially the attribute of athletes such as the boxer Mohamed Ali. Today, the sweater has been democratized and is one of the basic essentials of our wardrobes, ready to be worn in all seasons. Indeed, it can easily be combined with different pieces. After many years of hard work, the sweatshirt has managed to go from being a simple "sweat suit" to a true fashion icon. It can easily be combined with different looks: fashion, hype, classic.

Ideal for mid-season, let yourself be seduced by our collection of sweatshirts and hoodies Project X Paris men. Hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, patterned sweatshirts, oversized sweatshirts, regular fit sweatshirts, in different colours: navy blue, white, black, burgundy, there is something for everyone! Treat yourself to V-neck sweatshirts, round neck sweatshirts or sweatshirts with a comfortable hood. Find models with two side pockets or a kangaroo pocket to put small things or to warm up your hands.

Create your own urban-wear outfit for any occasion. Street wear and chic at the same time, combine them with jeans or jogging bottoms.

For a stylish look, pair your sweatshirts with trousers with a slimmer fit. Personalise your sweatshirts to your image by combining accessories with your outfit. Incorporate it into a casual style for a sportswear look or to offset formal pieces.

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