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Shorts - Men's shorts sets

Theshorts manis an essential piece in any wardrobe, especially when summer is approaching. If originally, shorts are a piece that is not associated with streetwear, it has finally been adopted and found in many outfits. Discover the selectionProjectXshorts, denim or cotton shorts for men. Adopt the real urban fashion trend with the most beautiful pieces to sublimate your streetwear outfit.

If you're looking for ideas for outfits with shorts, don't hesitate to check out our blog, where we reference all the streetwear info.

The history of shorts

If the shorts are originally a garment reserved for the bourgeoisie, initially called short pants, with its main characteristic to be indeed shorter than the pants. It is much later towards the end of the nineteenth century became an essential piece for the practice of outdoor sports. The wearing of shorts is now universal and allows to fight effectively against high temperatures. The shorts trend has become popular in the streetwear fashion. Thestreetwear shortshas indeed become a piece that adapts perfectly to urban outfits, for this we will favor the use of ashort cargowhich is a piece with a lot of character. To sublimate your outfit we advise you to wear on youstreetwear accessorieslike a cap, bracelets or a bag.

At Project X Paris, the shorts are multi-colored in light fabrics and in different prints to offer you comfort and style. Belted shorts, banded shorts, cargo shorts, checkered shorts, fine stripes ... you will find the model that suits your style.

How to choose your men's Bermuda shorts?

In order not to be confused between shorts orbermuda shorts manYou must be very careful with the length of your clothing. Shorts are theoretically much shorter than Bermuda shorts, but both remain above the knee, otherwise we call it a pantacourt. You should also choose shorts or Bermuda shorts that fit well with your body to avoid a bad silhouette, for that don't hesitate to come and try our pieces in store.

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