Project X Paris

The brand

Project X Paris is the bet of two young French designers to associate the urban lifestyle with current trends. Combining lifestyle and streetwear, the young brand, born in 2015, has conquered major cities such as Dubai, Berlin, London and Los Angeles before settling in Paris.

With more than 150 employees, PXP now has more than 35 stores (see our stores).

Thanks to our avant-garde concept, we do not hesitate to impose ourselves in the hip-hop or sports culture, rich in inspirations. Our artistic director advocates the urban chic signature through the Project X Paris collaborations which are constantly innovative. Baroque, fluo or color, all the themes of Project X Paris are signed with a modern edge inspired by music, sports and current events. Indeed, Project X Paris is THE current French streetwear reference. 

Project X Paris transmits an art that is above all French. All the designs are invented in France by our creative team including our art director, our stylists and our graphic designers. Most of the photo shoots are done by our PXP team for a rendering as close as possible to our universe.

Our history


 Creation of the brand Project X Paris


100+ PXP dealers

Opening of our first store

Presence at the "Bright" trade fair in Berlin

Internationalization of the brand


500+ PXP dealers

Presence at the " Agenda show " in Las Vegas, 5 PXP stores, French collaborations : Gradur Increase to 100 000 Instagram Followers


+ More than 1000 PXP retailers

Creation of the Women's collection

10 PxP stores Opening of a store in Dubai, Collaborations USA: Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, 6ix9ine


12 PXP stores, French collaborations: SCH, Ninho, Vegedream

Increase to 150 000 Instagram followers, Presence at the "Liberty" show in Las Vegas, Collaborations USA: Gunna, Tory Lanez


24 PXP stores, 6 franchises: Dubai, Reunion Island, Bayonne, more than 1,500 PxP resellers around the world Increased to 200,000 Followers on the networks, Collaboration France: Orelsan, Koba lad, Maes, GLK, Cyril Hanouna, Bosh ...


30 PXP stores and 10 franchises

Collaborations: NAPS, SOSO MANESS, UZI ..., Passage to more than 300 000 Followers on the networks 


50 PXP stores

Even more exceptional collaborations are to come: Wejdene, 1pliké140, Da Uzi, Ronisia, Kodes, Boleman etc... Stay tuned! More than 500 000 Followers on the networks. Opening of our B2B Showroom in Madrid, Spain. 2024 first PXP store on Mars and many more surprises...

Our stores

Discover Project X Paris products in our stores. You are looking for a casual hype style, or total streetwear: enter the universe of the brand PXP. Come and discover our new products for men and women in our Project X Paris stores. Discover the streetwear that suits you in our PXP stores: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, jogging suits, coats, jackets, you will find the garment you need. In two words: try, wear !

30 PXP stores, 1500+ PXP dealers

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

Our collaborations

We have also collaborated with artists such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, Aya Nakamura, Gradur, Vegedream, Orelsan, Gunna but also soccer players such as David Luiz and Neymar. 

At Project X Paris we don't talk about collections, but rather about "collaborations" that are inspired by urban culture, the contemporary world that surrounds us, but also the artists we work with. By its open-mindedness, the brand has been able to create basic and unique clothes, but especially unavoidable

Become a franchisee

Thanks to our branch development :

18 stores in two years. 

The pluses :

- The only French streetwear brand in the trade and in retail

- Creative brand with a new look every month (Fast Fashion)

- Constantly increasing sales figures

- Modern marketing, highlighted by music and sports

- A team that listens to the needs of its customers and the market.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

Become a reseller

We opened our first store in 2016, 4 stores in 2017, 8 stores in 2018, 12 stores in 2019, 30 stores in 2020, 40 stores in 2021 and 50 stores are coming in 2022.

All these stores are located in the best shopping centers in France.

We offer men/women/accessories collections mixing urban styles with Parisian fashion. The cuts and details evolve according to the trends.

We will also extend our B2B distribution to other countries like the United States and Canada by the end of the year.

Visit us in one of our showrooms in Paris or Madrid.

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