Project X Paris is a fashion and lifestyle brand launched by two young French designers who found inspiration in combining urban lifestyle with current trends. It's a blend of fashion design, street culture and minimalism.The brand was founded in 2015. It has conquered top fashion capitals such as Dubai, Berlin, London and Los Angeles before opening its flagship store in Paris. Today PXP counts more than 100 employees and 30 stores in France and worldwide (see our stores). We define our brand identity by our artistic collaborations and by the community of young creative individuals who find inspiration in our collections and use it to create their own personal style. Influenced by the street aesthetics and sporty lifestyle, we have developed a collection of timeless pieces that are original, unique, and easy to wear.  Our collections are designed in our Parisian studio to ensure the quality, contemporary style and authenticity. As a result, we offer a wide variety of ready-to-wear clothing for men and women that can work in multiple occasions.Project X Paris embodies the hip-hop and sport culture. We collaborated with French and international hip-hop artists such as Chris Brown, Maître Gims, French Montana, Akon, Post Malone, Aya Nakamura, Gradur, Vegedream, as well as football players such as David Luiz and Neymar.Project X Paris is a progressive urban clothing brand offering affordable and hype outfits that merge street and chic fashion, music and contemporary art and design trends.


Our artistic director ensures that our constantly evolving collaborations remain true to the urban chic aesthetics of the brand.


Baroc, neon or color block, all the capsule collections convey our signature style inspired by the latest trends in design, sports and music. Project X Paris is a quintessential French streetwear brand.


Our brand essence is deeply attached to our French identity. All the collections are designed in France by the members of our creative team including our artistic director, stylists and graphic designers.


Most of the PXP photoshoots are planned and produced by our in-house team, so that the images are perfectly in line with the PXP brand universe.

(see our collaborations)


Discover all of our Project X Paris's products in our stores. You're searching new style ? ITS HERE.

Come discover our new items for men and women in our stores PXP. Find the street style that matches with you in our stores : Tee-shirts, sweats, jeans, joggings, parkas, you'll find the good one ! 

Two words : try and wear !

(see our stores)




  • PXP's creation


  • Over 100 PXP brand product distributors
  • Participation in the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin

  • PXPgoes global


  • Over 500 distributors

  • Participation in the Agenda Show in Las Vegas

  • Opening of the first retail store

  • 100K on Instagram

  • 5 retail stories opened within one year


  • Launch of the first women's collection

  • Collaborations with the rappers Gradur, SCH, Ninho and Vegedream in France

  • Opening of the Dubai store

  • Collaborations with Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, 6ix9ine in the US

  • Total of 10 retail stores


  • 150K on Instagram
  • PXP Manages a total of 12 retail stores, and plans to open even more...
  • Participation in the Liberty Show in Las Vegas


  • 15 stores
  • 4 franchises : Dubaï, La réunion, Pau, Bayonne
  • More as 1500 distributors in the world
  • 200K on Instagram
  • French collaboration : Orelsan, Koba Lad, Maes, GLK, Cyril Hanouna, Bosh ...


  • 50 stores
  • Even more exceptional collaborations 
  • 2024 : First store on Mars and many other surprises :)




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