Keep up to date with streetwear info with Project X

The Project X site has decided for you to gather all its content in one place, you can find many articles on very diverse subjects but always related to streetwear, at the heart of our activity. Streetwear is the central subject of our articles even if, you will be able to find many other areas there, whether it be series, rap, or anything related to it. Do not hesitate to explore our streetwear blog, if you are in need of outfit inspiration or if you want to improve your rap culture.

Keep up to date with streetwear news with Project X

Project X strives to always be aware of the latest trends related to streetwear. Through our streetwear info you will be aware of the latest news related to this world, this of course concerns as much the global world of streetwear, in particular influenced by rap or strong fashion effects such as series or manga. Find our many advices or analyzes of a genre with the reciprocal influence it has had on streetwear. You will also benefit from references to our unisex clothing, women or men to be in tune with the subject of the article read and thus ensure that you come out with the outfit you want.

Why did you make a streetwear blog?

The streetwear blog was born from the desire to share on all subjects concerning streetwear, first of all to make streetwear known and democratized. Then, so that those who read our articles can benefit from our advice and thus be comfortable and confident in your outfits. Because fashion is something that evolves quickly and is influenced by many currents, especially modern like the series. It seemed important to us to adopt this blog format, which allows information to be disseminated quickly. Do not hesitate to follow our news closely to always be aware of the latest fashions related to streetwear!

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