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Project X Paris boards for a now adventure with One Piece!

An unprecedented collaboration that we present to you with great excitement as we unveil the new partnership between One Piece and Project X Paris, coming at the very climax of the Manga (Master Eiichiro Oda told us the end but we won’t tell :p).

Nowadays One Piece is the most popular manga in the world, this worldwide phenomenon teaming up with the Project X Paris streetwear universe to create a never seen before cloths collection.

 Project X Paris

Our One Piece Project X Paris streetwear collection

Specialised in streetwear clothes, Project X Paris presents a brand-new concept where hip hop culture, sport and urban art meet. From the famous Project X Paris sweatshirt to the fashionable jeans, the Project X Paris signature adapts to every style, streetwear and casual.

The One Piece collection is sure to amaze the fans!

One Piece, more than a manga, a way of living!

One Piece is an unavoidable pop culture element that was present for more than 22 years, a worldwide phenomenon reaching millions of fans?

The One Piece universe goes beyond the manga!

It is now an art of living conveying strong values: never giving up, staying together, exploring the world to accomplish your dreams…

It is by keeping those values in mind that Project X Paris was able to create an extraordinary One Piece capsule collection.

 Project X Paris

Are you ready to join the crew?

Come and hunt for your One Piece clothes in all our Project X Paris shops or directly online on our official website

Discover these exclusive clothes: the One Piece Luffy jumper, the One Piece t-shirt with the effigy of Zoro...

Beware, the trip between Paris and "Laugh Tale" promises to be a sparkling one!

PXP X One Piece: the record collection!

One Piece is the Japanese manga which established the world record for being the most published ever manga by a sole author.

In February 2021, the manga had more than 480 millions of copies circulating in more than 43 countries across the world, making it the most sold story of the History.

It became the most sold manga for the 11th consecutive year in 2018.

 Project X Paris
 Project X Paris

The Project X Paris spirit in a One Piece collection

This One Piece clothes collection puts the saga’s heroes on the spotlight: Luffy and Zoro meet for the first spot on the capsule’s clothes.

Our official One Piece collection includes: One Piece t shirts, One Piece sweatshirts, One Piece jackets and One Piece pullover…

Incarnate the manga’s heroes by wearing a One Piece sweatshirt with Luffy or Zoro’s heads.

Too hot to wear a One Piece pullover? Take the One Piece t shirt with Luffy or Zoro


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