Project X Paris

Gunna: The American Dream

After many collaborations with French and American artists.

This year it's Gunna, the Atlanta rapper and fashion week star who joined the PROJECT X PARIS story. 

What location for this shoot?

We left the bourgeois houses and castles for a more "confidential" place.

An exceptional cocktail in the image of PxP: disused warehouse, Lambroghini, American rapper, all accompanied by the most beautiful pieces of our men's collection PROJECT X PARIS.

The artistic direction decided to highlight the collection with a minimalist decor. Gunna walks the runway with outfits from the new Project X collection.

It is in a very urban style that the American rapper wears the PROJECT X PARIS clothes.

Each set has a very particular atmosphere, imagined and created especially for the shooting of the new collection. Gunna was able to highlight each outfit.

PxP presents its new urban and futuristic men's collection worn by Gunna himself

 Project X Paris


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