Today, the sweatshirt is an extremely popular garment. Although originally intended for sports use, it has become a major fashion statement in the modern world. The sweatshirt's simple, effective look, high level of comfort and high degree of customizability partly explain its popularity. Sweatshirts now have a major impact on women's fashion today. Where did this iconic garment come from and how did it become a major fashion symbol? Project X Paris Find out everything you need to know about women's sweatshirts at streetwear .

The history of women's sweaters

The sweatshirt, which means \"sweat shirt\", is a garment that was originally invented for sports purposes. is a garment originally invented for sporting purposes. Its shape and width minimize the unpleasant sensation of sweat. Sweatshirts first appeared in American universities in the 1920s. They replaced wool sweaters, which were too irritating and too warm for long-duration sports. In the '30s, it became an element of distinction between students, who wore sweatshirts in the colors of their universities. The first hoodie was marketed in 1934 by Champion. But it was during the '50s that the sweatshirt became particularly popular, with the addition of polyester making the garment more robust and washable. The sports culture of the '80s led to an explosion in sweatshirt popularity, particularly among young sportsmen and women. The 2000s saw a renaissance of the sweatshirt, which became a fashion statement. Women's sweatshirts and unisex sweatshirts arrived on the market in droves.

Women's hoodies: a real fashion statement

Today, the women's hoodie is one of the most essential items in the fashionable Women's wardrobe. Although originally a sportswear garment, it is also an iconic emblem of today's trendy casual look. But it can also be worn as a fashion statement, and is available in many variations. Women's sweaters can be hooded, fitted, zipped or even \"oversized\", i.e. in a very large size to maximize ventilation and comfort. Its simple appearance and comfort make it the perfect sweater to wear on a casual day at home. Whatever the season, the sweater is used, showing that it's easily adaptable and always on trend.

How to create a trendy look with your women's hoodie?

Many trendy looks can be created with this versatile garment. In all cases, it's important to choose a hoodie that fits. For a sporty look, wear your women's hoodie with stretch leggings, ideal for sports where flexibility is key. For the most casual look, wear an oversized hoodie with jogging pants. It's the best way to look casual and feel comfortable at the same time. You can also achieve a more urban aesthetic by wearing jeans and sneakers, which is one of today's most popular styles.